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Halloween – the 2020 story

We may be  a whole month ahead however we’re looking forward to one of our favourite moments of the year - Halloween. Halloween is a time for fun, parties,treats and eating – however this year is going to be different – yet not that different for children and adults with…

What about a parent’s lunchbox?

Have you, as a parent, prepared lunchboxes for your children and then got to work and realised you have nothing to eat yourself? You will now have to spend money buying lunch? Or go to the work canteen and buy lunch? What if you have allergies and there’s little choice…

It’s Back to School!

Did you know that during lockdown, 70% of families with children under five have said their children have been snacking more than usual.   In fact most of us have been eating more as we were stuck at home for several months with limited options around the activities we undertake.…

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