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Chocolate cake

Hooked on Chocolate Cake? We are too!

What is your favourite flavoured cake? In the UK, during 2020, the cake appearing in most searches online was ‘chocolate cake’. In some research to find UK’s favourite flavoured cake, chocolate cake came second to lemon drizzle. In the US, chocolate cake is the most popular, which makes it unsurprising…

Preparing for Natasha’s Law

By the end of this summer, new allergen regulations are expected to be in force, called Natasha’s Law. As a challenger free-from snack brand, we welcome and embrace this change – and we urge the food & drink sector to do the same. The new legislation has been named Natasha’s…


Are you ready to try a vegan diet? Have you ever thought about becoming a vegan?  Well, this month could be the perfect time to try a vegan diet, even if it’s for a short time. In the UK, January now also becomes Veganuary.  The idea was launched in 2014,…

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