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A Little Bird Told Me…..something new is on the horizon!

Creative Nature has some exciting news– we are about to launch a new look to take our brand forward into 2020!


Any business owner of any business type will know changing the branding and ‘look’ of a product or service is a really BIG DEAL.


In the food sector it’s even bigger. Why? When you are stocked in many supermarkets and independent retailers all over the globe, it takes on a logistical life of its own! This project has been months in the making.


However here at Creative Nature HQ, we’re excited and we hope you will be too.


Every brand has to flex and change – we’re no different – our brand has to grow with our business. Every brand has a story and the story can evolve over time and take on new ideas and new meanings. Lets see how the packaging has changed so far…



A key feature of our new branding is a ‘bird’ as we feel this really represents what our brand and its products have come to mean to us and to our customers.


Birds are generally thought to symbolise freedom and independence. They are seen by many cultures as good omens signifying life, positivity, new ideas and balance.


After all birds can walk on land, swim in the sea and soar in the sky. They can fly all around the world to find their perfect place to nest or feed. They are also part of Nature and nature is at the heart of our brand.


We source many of our ingredients from overseas and we see ourselves as a global brand – however we also care about being green and as sustainable as possible.


We want to ensure our impact on the planet is balanced – we ship ingredients in rather than using air freight as much as we can. We do this for personal, ethical reasons even though it can cost us more financially.


Even more than that – we believe our products offer freedom to people who have not been free when it comes to food and food choices.


Food is something we all need – food can be a pastime we enjoy through preparing, cooking, eating on the go and eating out.


However for a significant minority, food is not like that. For those with life-threatening allergies, severe food intolerance or conditions like being a coeliac, eating foods can be an absolute nightmare. It can be a daily grind to always have to shop carefully, cook carefully for yourself, or a loved one.


People can live in fear of what they eat, what ingredients are hidden in the most basic of foods and, even worse hidden ingredients in foods to go.



With Creative Nature, no one need have that fear. They are free to choose any products as they are free of all top 14 allergens. They are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians or anyone. They are also delicious.


Our new branding embraces the fact that we are pioneers in the food sector. Our CEO Julianne is a campaigner too. A campaigner for better labelling in the food sector and more education in society around allergies.


We are among a new generation of food producers who really care about what ingredients go into our products – and into your bodies.


And finally….


As part of our celebration of our new brand we will also be launching some new snack products which may involve chocolate – or was it lemon? We’ll see….

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