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Advent Christmas shopping

Advent is, for many people of faith, a time to prepare for the commemoration of the birth of Jesus.


For the less religious of the population, it’s a time for shopping and preparing for the festivities. A time for buying gifts, food and drink in preparation for Christmas Day and beyond. It’s a holiday!


Have you started your Christmas shopping this year? Are you someone who buys gifts all year so that you spread the amount you spend, or do you end up with one very expensive month in December?


The Bank of England reports that whereas normally a typical British family spends over £2,000 each month, in the run-up to Christmas this rises by at least 25 per cent. The typical household then spends an extra £500.


With all of the financial uncertainty at the moment, the growth in sales over the Christmas period may not rise hugely. However for most food is central to the festive experience.


It is a time when we meet up and eat together with other family members rarely seen in the rest of the year. Christmas food and drink are a huge part of those celebrations; food stuffs that only appear at this time of the year.


Whether you buy from shops on the High Street, or online, or both buying from small companies rather than big brands and chains has so many advantages.


Here are six reasons why you should buy from smaller companies:


  1. They create local jobs in the area where the small business is based; which is better for the local economy and community.


  1. They are usually run by people who care about the products and often have a personal story behind why the company started. This is exactly why Julianne took over Creative Nature. She began making her own healthy snacks because she couldn’t find tasty allergy free, safe products that weren’t packed with additives and/or tasted like sawdust.



  1. It’s much easier to build a relationship with customers and the owners, when the latter are a hundred percent, personally invested in the company.


  1. When there are so many chain stores out there, independent businesses bring originality and variety into the mix.



  1. You are often supporting British entrepreneurs to build their business and develop, often helping their industry to advance.
  2. Independent businesses are often the place where innovation happens; this is often how things move forward and progress.



Food products are a great idea for gifts – as part of a hamper or a subscription box service.


Creative Nature’s products are a healthier food gift for anyone, especially for those friends and relatives who suffer from food allergies, are vegan or who are nutrition conscious.


Taking the time to select healthier options that are allergen free and cater for vegetarians, vegans, and coeliacs shows you have put real thought into this gift. The recipient won’t have to pick the one or two items that are safe to eat.


For example, a Creative Nature, Christmas Bundle is the perfect gift for people who love cooking. (link to that product)


And the best thing is – that you can buy the products at the last minute (well, xxx days out to allow for delivery) with many making fantastic stocking fillers.

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