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Food allergy awareness week in the US, is from May 10th to May 15th this year.

It is an initiative created by FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education).


What is FARE? 


It is one of the largest not for profit organisations in the world, which aims to raise awareness of food allergies, educate, research and provide the relevant information to the public.

Founded in 1991 by a mother whose daughter had been diagnosed with a milk and egg allergy, the Food Allergy Week began in 1998.

This year, it is Living Teal Food Allergy Awareness Week.

As you know, Julianne, our CEO is the UK Ambassador for the Teal App, so this is something we are supporting 100%

In the UK an estimated 2 million people are living with a diagnosed food allergy, in the US, 32 million Americans are living with potentially life-threatening food allergies.

The frequency of food allergy has increased over the past 30 years, particularly in industrialised societies.

Therefore, an initiative to raise awareness of different food allergies, and improve people’s understanding of what can sometimes be a life-threatening condition is vital.


11 activities you can do to help raise awareness   

  • A Food Allergy Heroes Walk takes place on May 23rd in the US. Why not take the opportunity to walk with some friends (remaining in Covid restrictions for your area), wearing or carrying something teal, take picture to share on your social media, explaining what’s happening and raising awareness. 


  •     Buy food gifts for friends from Creative Nature for them to see that allergen-free food is as tasty as any other, at the same time showing them where they can buy you foodie presents!


  •     Teal is the colour to represent the initiative. Wear something teal and possibly a bit wacky that will automatically start a conversation… 



  •     Share your personal story in local media, explaining about what it’s like to live with allergies day to day, and how it affects your life.


  •     Write a blog about living with food allergies with the same content as above. Share on your social media platforms. Educate people.


  •     Share information at your child’s school – give a presentation and take in some free-from bakes to share with the class, explaining why they are safe.


  •     Use one of our Baking Mixes, to bake and sell your products to raise money for your favourite charity, or deliver some to friends or someone who lives alone.


  • photo of cacao pancakes  Cook a meal for friends, free from your allergens. Educate them to understand that although it means shopping differently and with more care, you still eat very tasty food.


  •     Create social media posts using bright teal graphics, with snippets of information about food allergies.


  • Set a walking target for the Awareness week to raise money to donate to your charity of choice.



  • Take some Creative Nature snacks (Protein Bars, Raw Fruit Oaties, or Gnawbles), into work to share with colleagues. Introduce them to allergy free food and explain why you need to eat them. 

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