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Autumn, Halloween and Gnawbles!

Whether you have a birthday this month – or you throw a Halloween Party or both – there will probably be chocolate involved.


Recently in America, a tweet about the worst ‘candy’ Halloween treat which had to ‘go forever’ went viral with brands coming in for some colourful comments. Included in that small list were Milky Way, Twix or Snickers and others.


Here at Creative Nature we have no problem with any of these brands, however we did agree with one article written about this viral tweet, as it concluded that having a range of chocolates on offer is the answer.


Sadly though, when it comes to chocolate and choices – who considers the person in the room who needs to eat a treat which is allergy free? At your party, do you want one person to feel left out? Do you want one guest who happens to have food allergies to enjoy a cabbage while everyone else has chocolate cake?


We are there for that one person – because that one person could be our CEO Julianne Ponan who has anaphylaxis. She has severe and life-threatening allergies and has been in intensive care several times when she’s eaten, tasted or even smelled something with an allergen.


One of the things we do at Creative Nature – and Julianne does personally – is to campaign for more awareness of food allergy and better labelling, understanding and empathy for those who have to make careful food choices.


Our latest product can help with that. It’s been months in the creating, tasting and testing – however they are now here – GNAWBLES! Which are allergy free.

We really hope you like this new product and please consider it if you are having a party this month. Please think of the person in the room who feels left out when it comes to treats – anyone can enjoy this cake especially the person who would normally politely refuse.


*Our new Gnawbles are available to buy online now!

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