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Beat the Heat with Summer Smoothies!

With the heatwave currently going through the UK, you may be dreaming of ice-cream, slushies and ice-cold smoothies! We want to help you make smart and healthy choices, so thought we would share some of our favourite quick and easy smoothie recipes in this blog post!

Smoothies are always a great option as you can fit in tons of fruit and various superfoods to make sure the drinks are nutritious whilst also delicious. We prefer them to fresh juices as you don’t take out the fibre, making sure your blood sugar levels don’t go crazy! It’s also a lot filling and can even be a great breakfast or snack option throughout the day!


The Morning Choice:

If you are in need of a morning pick-me-up, then this Maca & Mocha smoothie is the one to choose!

With natural energy boosting properties coming from our Creative Nature Maca Powder, a delicious Mocha flavour coming from coffee and the Creative Nature Cacao Powder, this smoothie will have you feeling energised and fuelled for the day ahead!

For The Green Smoothie Fan:

If you want a green smoothie that only needs a few ingredients, then this Green Goodness smoothie featuring our Barley grass is a must. We have the recipe filmed in our Creative Nature kitchen, so make sure to check it out here!

If You Want Something More Filling:

And if you want a fruity smoothie with a bit more texture and something that will be more filling, give Will’s favourite smoothie a go! It’s packed with mango, yogurt, blueberries, shelled hemp and much more! The perfect ice-cold smoothie if you need a filling breakfast or snack on the go! Check out his recipe here!

What is your favourite go-to smoothie? Do you add superfoods, protein powders or various vegan milk alternatives? We would love to hear what you love to make in a rush in the morning, so leave a comment below!

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