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Being ‘treatwise’ with Christmas food – ten ways to be healthy during the festivities.

Christmas is a time to indulge; at least that is what we tell ourselves, as we munch our way through chocolate laden Advent calendars, boxes of chocolates, crisps, shortbread, Stollen, mince pies – far to much food than is good for us!


And still to come, the traditional Christmas dinner of roast turkey with all of the trimmings.


This followed by Christmas pudding with brandy butter, stilton and port and lastly, possibly coffee and liqueurs.  Afterwards the afternoon nap, or the healthy alternative, a leisurely walk – or both.


The one-off Christmas day meal won’t make a huge difference to your weight and health.


However, all of the snacking and eating up left-overs over the next week can add up. – indeed many people may have several Christmas events all geared to over indulgence.


There are a few simple ways to be healthier. We have come up with ten suggestions:


  1. Choose either a starter or a dessert, not both. You could share a pudding with a friend…


  1. Instead of chips, ask if you can have a jacket potato.


  1. If there is sauce, ask if it can be served in a separate dish.


  1. Choose grilled food rather than fried.


  1. Beware vegetables with added sauce, butter, cheese, or salt – ask if there is a healthier option or have them ‘naked’.


  1. If you are going to a party, eat a healthy snack earlier – we’ve got plenty here– so you don’t fill up on canapés before the main meal.


  1. Make healthier choices at buffets. Fill half your plate with salad, and then protein-based canapés like salmon and chicken.


  1. Try to alternate your alcoholic drinks with water or soft sugar-free drinks.


  1. Ensure you drink a lot of water and keep well hydrated.


  1. Build exercise into your Christmas timetable – ensure you take a 20 minute walk every day. Good for physical and mental health!



If you have a range of Creative Nature’s snacks available, you have made a good start, because they are already a healthier option.


All of our baking mixes have clearly labelled portions to help you keep track of how much you eat.


Our newest product, Gnawables, have up to 43% less sugar than the market leading brand, and make a good stocking filler.


For the children!:


And finally for Gnawables: if you have a youngster with allergies, why not create them an Advent calendar with alternative options to chocolate.  There are many reusable, refillable Advent calendars available these days; you could fill each of the pockets with a selection of different flavoured Gnawables, Creative Nature’s bars, or safe homemade cookies, baked using our baking mix. Just a thought!


Enjoy a healthy snacking Christmas!

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