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Creative Nature launches on Well Easy!

Here at Creative Nature, we’re thrilled to let you know that we are now part of the Well Easy family!! Not heard of Well Easy yet? Don’t worry, read on and you’ll soon know all about the brand and the story of its creation…

What is WellEasy?

It’s an online membership-based marketplace that makes the best healthy & natural products available for every diet and lifestyle with products offered up to 45% off the recommended retail price ie. RRP.

By working directly with brands and cutting out the higher retail mark up, we provide members with the best possible price on a wide range of products across categories including food, drinks, home, beauty, and supplements.

Who created the brand?

The three founders are best friends from both school and university with a passion for healthy living. All three of us are recent graduates who decided to take a risk to start a business during the pandemic in line with our belief to democratise healthy living.

  • Josh is an economics with Spanish graduate from the University of Birmingham who loves all things health and spends far too much money on the brands we stock.
  • Sonny is a history with innovation graduate from the University of Bristol who has worked for multiple start-ups and now wants to apply his knowledge to his passion for health.
  • And finally, Kieran studied with Josh at the University of Birmingham and is currently working at HSBC alongside WellEasy to support the brand’s growth.


Let’s dive deeper into those roots:

Sonny and Josh were friends since school and kept in touch at university through a shared passion for healthy living. Having both struggled with their health and the cost of buying healthier products, the two got together with Josh’s friend Kieran with a mission to make healthy living easier and more affordable for everyone in the UK.

After the success of launching their first start-up – Snackcess – from their parents’ garages at the beginning of the pandemic, they began to realise how broken the food system in the UK is, making it both hard and unaffordable to live healthy. They feel there’s a basic injustice in having to have more money to be able to make healthier choices.

Coupled with the devastating impact that poor health has had during COVID-19, there was never a more needed time to disrupt the current system. By flipping the retail model on its head and getting rid of the high markup on healthy products, the boys created WellEasy – the healthy living market for everyone at the start of 2021.

What is the mission?


Our mission is to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone in the UK.

We believe everyone deserves the chance to live healthy, yet our current system is not designed for this. Therefore, our goal is to change the perception of living healthy in the UK from it being expensive and difficult to it being affordable and possible.

How is Creative Nature now part of that mix?

WellEasy is excited to now stock ten of the best Creative Nature products with plans to expand this to the full range over the coming months.

What’s coming up?

Customers can look forward to our range continuing to expand with new and exciting healthy brands from the UK. We will also be creating more content featuring the amazing brands we work with and content from our new nutritionist (look out for our WellEasy Clubhouse rooms)

And your last word?

Check out our latest episode on the Bites of Health Podcast to listen to an amazing discussion with Julianne, where we go through the story of Creative Nature and much more…

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