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Easter Themed Virtual Bake – Off Event

We love our baking mixes and with so many to choose from, we have organised an exciting and colourful Bake Off for April 1st. Why not join in the fun – you can follow us on Instagram and take a look at some of the amazing creations that have been created. In the coming week we will be sharing some of our favourites on our feed!

How is our Bake Off going to work?

The event is being held on Microsoft Teams with more than ten influencers who follow us on Instagram taking part. They have been challenged to create something with an Easter theme. Each of them has been sent a baking mix of their choice to work with. The wonderful prize is, of course, a Creative Nature Voucher. Who wouldn’t want that!!! The more Creative Nature products the better right?

The Instagram influencers, who are involved, have a combined number of followers totaling: 360,000!  How amazing is that? Over one third of a million pairs of eyes could be watching this Easter extravaganza?


Our thanks go to the following influencers for stepping up to the Creative Nature Easter Bake Off Challenge:

Sophie, Talia, TaylorMairi,  Rosie, Arielle, NickiIsabellaLindiwe, Holly & Rosey, Libby & Flora.

As well as members of the Creative Nature Team:

Julianne (CEO and Founder of Creative Nature) ,  Ellie (Design & Marketing Executive), and Daisy (Marketing & Warehouse Apprentice)

We can’t wait to see what their ideas are going to be and we will be sharing the outcomes on our Instagram posts so stay posted to see the amazing creations!

Our influencer guests have seven different baking mixes to choose from to bake their Easter creations:

Banana Bread; Corn Bread; Cacao Rich Chocolate Cake; Chocolate Chip Muffins; Chia and Cacao Choc Chip Brownies; Organic Chia & Mulberry Muffins; Simply Spiced Carrot Cake Loaf.

Click here to shop our baking mixes!

Which one would you choose for your Easter creation? Do you think their creations will be better than your ideas? We’ll soon see!


Why we Brits love Bake Offs:

When the TV show, The Great British Bake Off aired its finale of the 11th season on Channel 4, it was watched by 9.2 million viewers in the UK. It seems apart from baking, the other thing that

makes the competition so popular, is the camaraderie between the contestants when they get into tight spots, and how they help each other out. And, of course the main reason – we love cake and baking and we also love seeing people ‘having a go’ and having spectacular failures or spectacular wins!

During lockdown, baking has become almost therapeutic.  We have all been finding different ways to cope with the boredom of being stuck at home and a feeling of cabin fever. We’ve been exploring things we may not have not tried before, i.e. arts, knitting, learning new skills, gardening, and of course baking….


Six ways baking has helped us during lockdown:

  1.     The act of baking/cooking can be gratifying because we produce something tangible, like a loaf of bread, a cake or tray of cookies (and with Creative Nature mixes, they are also delicious).
  2.     It reminds us of more comforting times, even taking us back to our childhood and our mother’s baking and helps to calm the soul.
  1.     When baking, we are in control at a time when everything else seems out of place and disorderly. Our focus is on that moment, without allowing our minds to wander and worry about anything else.
  1.     Baking can also fill space; if we’re bored, baking gives us something to do.
  1.     We can bake together, as a family, involving everyone in the task, at their particular skill-level.  Children can help decorate, if they are too young to actually bake. And of course, we can eat the outcome!
  1.     Baking has also created some communities online, where people have been sharing images of their finished products. Others have been sharing recipes and ‘how to’ sessions.



Why not organise your own ‘Bake off’ on the 1st April, and share your images with us on Instagram too? All of our baking mixes are available on our website, and remember they are all gluten, top 14 allergen and dairy free. Click here to shop!

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