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Euros 2021

The UEFA European Football Championship, commonly known as the UEFA European Championship and informally as the Euros, is the primary association football competition contested by the senior men’s national teams of the members of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), determining the continental champion of Europe.

The event is normally held every four years, but had to be postponed in 2020, due to Covid19. This year it will take place between 11th June and 11th July. There seems to be some confusion over whether they are called Euros 2020 or 2021, both titles seem to be knocking around!

Although England staged the championships in 1996 they have never reached the final of the competition.




9 Facts about the Euros:

  1.     The championship was founded in 1958, 63 years ago, and the first tournament was in 1960.
  1.     The current champions are Portugal.
  1.     The most successful teams to win are Germany/West Germany (1972, 1980, 1996) and Spain (1964, 2008, 2012).
  1.     The player to appear most is Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), who has appeared 21 times and is one of the most iconic players in history and the most followed celebrity on Facebook with around 148 million followers.
  1.     Michel Platini (France) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal), have scored the most goals – nine each, and England’s Alan Shearer follows them with seven goals.
  1.     The play who has scored the most goals (nine) in a single final tournament, is Michel Platini (France) in 1984.
  1.     The fastest goal scored as 1 min 7 secs into the match, by Dmitri Kirichenko (Russia2 – 1 against Greece in 2004).
  1.     The youngest player at 18 years 71 days, Jetro Willems (Netherlands) 2012
  1.     The oldest player at 40 years, 86 days, Gábor Király (Hungary) 2016


Based on how many people watched the championships in 2016, it has been projected that over 5 billion viewers will watch this year’s games.

This is a social event, where often, even people who don’t like football end up watching the games, as it’s a family and friends’ event. Typically, you can watch at home, at friends, at sports centres or pubs. There is no lack of places where you can catch the different matches, which are scheduled at reasonable times for fans to be able to watch their teams play.

We’ve put the spotlight on Dale Ashman a member of our business development team, who is eagerly anticipating the delayed tournament. He said:


As the Euros are more focused on countries, rather than teams, I will be supporting England. I’ll be watching the games with my friends in a pub, where we can talk, enjoy the game and drink. It’s a social occasion, and can turn into a general catch-up with mates, with the game as a secondary focus – dependent on who is playing!


My choices and predictions:

  •         My favourite player is Jadon Sancho, who is in the England Team, but plays for Borussia Dortmund in Germany.
  •         I think the most difficult group are Group F, who are Germany, France, Portugal and Hungary.
  •         The easiest group, Group B – Belgium, Russia, Denmark and Finland.
  •         I think England will make the semi finals, which is the highest they have ever reached in the Euros.
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