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Food Allergies Hit Close to Home for Many

The above image most likely invokes one of two emotions for you. Either you will be craving a mid-afternoon snack, or you are instantly asking whether or not it is gluten free.

For many households, food allergies and food sensitivities are a serious issue. It can dictate whether or not a restaurant experience is easy and enjoyable or not. It can completely change the tone of an afternoon after a misprint on a snack label.

The importance of knowing that you have safe food choices, that you also enjoy, is essential.

There are three steps we recommend taking to ensure that your snack and food options are not going to trigger a food allergy.

1. Check the label.

Just because a brand has “natural” or “GMO free” in the label does NOT mean that the brand is free from common allergens.

And surprisingly, just because an ingredient isn’t labeled doesn’t always mean it isn’t in the product. Be sure to look for “gluten-free” or “dairy-free” specifically on the label of food products.

2. Look up reviews or blogs.

The people have spoken! Seriously this is a great way to discover whether or not a brand or product has unlabeled ingredients. You can find forums and blogs which help to identify potential allergens.

3. Get tested.

Sometimes the root of food insensitivities can be a little misleading.

By having an official food allergy test done, you will have more clarity into the exact causes of your troubles! Rather than guessing and checking, a test will give you factual results from a doctor.

We created a free community for those with food allergies – or whose kids have food allergies – to come together and discuss their favorite tips, recipes, and to find friendship. Join us, we would love to have you!

Julianne Ponan, the CEO of Creative Nature Superfoods, has suffered from food allergies her entire life. She is often overheard saying “I think I’m having an allergy!”

Julianne’s vision for Creative Nature was to provide options for those with food allergies. Her solution was Creative Nature, a brand that clearly aligns with a “free from” food allergens mantra, and we invite you to enjoy our latest products!

Rachel Pedersen

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