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Valentine’s Day – Fun Activities to do with your partner

For a change this year, we thought we’d come up with some ideas for fun activities to do with your partner on Valentine’s Day.

The team members of Creative Nature are going to do things all around baking and we’ve been practising to see who does the best job! All in the spirit of fun of course.


Three ideas from the team:

  1. Phoebe and her boyfriend are going to do a ‘blindfold’ baking challenge. The idea is to get your partner to bake a cake blindfolded, with the help of the other partner. Or, so add a new challenge to it,  with the hindrance of the other partner. Be ready for a messy kitchen and messy clothes. It might be fun to video it. 
  1. Ellen and her boyfriend are going to take on a ‘decorate’ a cake challenge.  You and your partner decorate half a cake each and then invite friends or family on social media to vote for a winner! If you’re both ruthless when it comes to challenges, this could make for quite a competitive Valentine’s Day. Then of course, if you lose your temper, there can be lots of making up!
  1. Possibly a very interesting idea is Julianne and Matt’s – a ‘personality‘ cake challenge. For this idea, you and your partner bake a cake each and then decorated it to reflect the personality of the other. You could put an extra spin on it instead and, like Ellen and her boyfriend, work on half the cake each. Who knows what the outcome will be?

Some other ideas for Valentine’s Day:

  1. Recreate your first date. Depending on where you met, you may have to be very creative for this. Our lives change quite quickly, so the venue may be closed or you may live in another part of the country or world. If you can’t actually go to the same place to recreate your date, try to create the flavour of that first meeting. Get dressed up, set a time to meet up (get ready in different rooms and surprise each other); create the atmosphere with music; decorate where you’re going to meet with images; eat food related to your date. If you can still physically go on your date, rather than go together, arrange to meet at a specific time without seeing each other get ready. Recreate that first meeting and that sense of anticipation…even recreate a photograph if you’ve got one of that date…
  1. Create a Couple’s Bucket list. Think about the goals you want to achieve this year, or over a few years.  Include anything you dream of doing together; travel; learning a new skill e.g dancing, cooking or art – the sky is the limit; or experiences, i.e. sky dive; get a tattoo; ride a horse… films you want to watch, or tv series to binge watch; books to read. Commit to ticking them off.
  1. Have a create a Cocktail challenge, either alcohol-free, or with alcohol, depending on your preference.  Create a Chocolate martini (perfect for Valentine’s), or, use your favourite drinks, to create a new cocktail for the other partner, and decorate. Who makes the best cocktail?
  1. If you like playing games, create a Valentines Scategories. Together, decide on a list of romantic categories, like, romantic place for a holiday; drink; food; pet name; colour; flower; song; film etc, then use the words of Valentine’s Day as the letters for each category. Set a time limit and see how funny your answers are. If you have got children ask them to do it for you and you can go head to head…


Why not try out our cool baking ideas with your partner this Valentine’s Day?

We have a whole range of Top 14 allergen free baking mixes that are easy to bake, so you can get right to the decorating fun with no hassle. It doesn’t have to be cakes, we also have mixes for brownies, pancakes and even muffins. As all our mixes are gluten free, dairy free, and nut free, no one has to miss out this Valentine’s and you can really make a dessert to impress. You can choose from any of our baking mixes (or even get some tasty gnawbles for decorations) here: https://www.creativenaturesuperfoods.co.uk/product-category/type/allergen-free-baking-mixes/

We would love to see some of your pictures from your baking challenges! You can send them to us on our Instagram pages…

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