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Green Goodness Smoothie Recipe Video!

As some of you may know- all of our new lovely superfood tubs have recipes on the back of pack! This makes it so much easier for all of you who are unsure of what to use our lovely products for but also gives you a bit of inspiration!

We thought the recipes are a great little touch and quite a few of our customers have said that they have given them quite a bit of inspiration and help in the kitchen! Now- to make it a bit more interesting and also easier to follow, Julianne- the company owner and CEO filmed a few of these recipes in our Creative Nature Kitchen with our Marketing Executive and in-house Registered Associate Nutritionist Paula 🙂 They had a fun day in the kitchen, created tons of recipes and are ready to share them with all of you! We think it’s a nice personal touch plus always more fun to watch a video than just read the instructions! 🙂

So, the first recipe we are sharing with all of you is the Green Goodness Smoothie from the back of pack of our Barley Grass tubs! It’s a smoothie packed with Chlorophyll, Fibre, healthy fats and electrolytes! Plus it smells and tastes so fresh and great for a lovely light breakfast! Or… enjoy it mid-day as a bit of a pick-me-up! 🙂

Make sure to check the video out below and subscribe to our YouTube channel to not miss out on our future videos! There will definitely be much more to come!

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