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Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween is almost here … we hope you’re looking forward to the weekend?

Have you decorated your house, or painted your pumpkins?  Have you decided on your Halloween outfit?  Are you ready for the celebrations?  We certainly are, here at Creative Nature HQ.

Although, Halloween is a celebration which causes worry for Julianne our CEO, and many other people who suffer from serious allergies and anaphylaxis, we all do love this time of the year.  We just love it mindfully.

We have to ensure that everything we do related to food, is safe in terms of not exposing Julianne to risks and also Eshna, who is also gluten and dairy intolerant (this means we’ll only send her our own treats as she’s now at university).

This is why, as a business, we are so proud to be able to offer children and their families, products that include safe ingredients, which can help them enjoy their Halloween experience, rather than approach it with a sense of fear.

At Creative Nature HQ, we enjoy dressing up, and decorating the office, and not surprisingly, baking.  With that in mind, we decided to have a staff bake-off, using Creative Nature baking mixes, which are all 14-allergen free. Perfectly safe for us all to enjoy.

Creative Nature Staff Bake-off

Each of us has challenged another team member to a Halloween bake.

There was an image of the expectation in terms of decorating the cake, to help people know what they were aiming for.

Our CEO, Julianne was challenged to create a Big Brain Cake.

To create this, she used the Banana Bread mix, then used pink, fondant icing, rolled into strips and arranged them on the cake, to create the look of the brain. Lastly, she painted the icing with

strawberry jam, to give the gory, blood effect. View the full recipe here.

Polly was challenged to create a Spooky Spider Cake.  She used our chocolate cake baking mix, using chocolate butter cream to decorate. Smaller, chocolate, cup-cakes created the spider’s body and head.  Melted white chocolate was drizzled over the top to give the effect of the spider’s web. The spider legs were super-thin, chocolate biscuit sticks.

Our latest member to join the team is Dale, who was challenged to bake a Devil Cake. He also used the chocolate cake baking mix, and used strawberries, gummy worms and buttercream icing to decorate his cake. His chocolate cake tasted incredible, though, he did lose points for using a Christmas cake-base to display the cake!

Eshna’s challenge was to create a Ghost Cake. She used a combination of our chocolate cake mix and chocolate chip muffin mixes together to give the shape of the ghost.  White fondant icing was draped over the cakes, and the ghost was born.  The face was piped on, using an icing pen.

Family Challenge: Halloween Bake-off

Have a go at your own Halloween Bake-off.  Find images of Halloween cakes, and choose one that you all like and think it is relatively easy to copy.

Use one of our many baking mixes for your cake-base, and have fun decorating them.

Our Gnawbles with a little icing and creativity, could be made to look like eyes… a creepy addition for your cake decorations!


This year, ‘Trick or Treating’ may not be happening for many families, but you can still enjoy the celebrations at home.  For some ideas, read our blog: A Personal Challenge When it comes to Halloween, where we share some ideas for An Alternative Halloween. https://www.creativenaturesuperfoods.co.uk/a-personal-challenge-when-it-comes-to-halloween/


Our previous blog: Halloween – The 2020 Story, gives allergy safety tips for Halloween. https://www.creativenaturesuperfoods.co.uk/halloween-the-2020-story/

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