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Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

This week, 4th-8th of March is National Apprenticeship Week & we thought we would share some tips our very own Award-winning apprentice, Polly learnt through her 2-year long apprenticeship! Polly has been with the company for 3 years and started out as an apprentice, and is now our Sales Manager, handing some our biggest accounts and dealing with incredible customers. Check out Polly’s top 5 things she learnt while being an apprentice below! We thought this would be useful for anyone out there considering doing an apprenticeship or interested to learn a bit more about them.

Polly’s Top 5 Lessons

  1. Prioritising – “I have learnt how to prioritise my work day to day and ensure that I get as much done as possible in a day’s work. This is something I had to work on massively during my apprenticeship as it was not a skill I had learnt during my school years or in the jobs that I had in the interim between school and my apprenticeship.”
  2. Working in a team – “A lot of the work I did during my apprenticeship was individual and I didn’t get much of a chance to work in a team (as the team was a lot smaller during my apprenticeship). Fast forward a few years and we have on boarded 4 new team members and I enjoy working in a team so much. It’s great when you can put your strengths together to get the job done- everyone has different skills!”
  3. Invoicing – “Since qualifying I have learnt how to invoice customers and send out orders, during my apprenticeship this is not a skill that I learnt, so I always keep learning and adding onto my skillset!”
  4. Managing other team members – “We have had a lot of new team members starting since I qualified from my apprenticeship, I have learnt to train them on sales and manage their progress.”
  5. Trips abroad – “Since qualifying I have visited one of our distributors in Malta and learnt how to plan for this trip. I have even more trips coming up this year, where I will be visiting potential customers and having tons of meetings abroad. All the lessons I learnt while on my apprenticeship will definitely come in handy for day-to-day tasks as well as trips like this, where negotiation and communication is key!”
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