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Pay it Forward Day takes place each year on 28th April with people from over 80 countries taking part.

This global initiative is a day to encourage us all to make a difference by creating a ripple of kindness across the world.

Surely this year, more than ever before we could all do with a little more kindness and compassion.

The first international Pay it Forward day was in 2007, founded by Blake Beattie, in Australia, who started the idea, based on Catherine Ryan Hyde’s novel, ‘Pay it Forward’.

However, ‘Pay it Forward Day’ differs to ‘Random Acts of Kindness day’, because for the former, the idea is, for example, you pay for someone’s drink, but then ask them to pay for the drink of the next person in the queue, hence you are paying it forward. Whether or not the idea continues, depends on the feelings of the recipient – if they want to also Pay it Forward.


In Australia, they have ‘pay it forward’ cards, and when you do a ‘pay it forward’ deed, you give the recipient a card, explaining the idea, and encouraging them to continue to idea.

By just the smallest act, you can bring kindness into someone’s life.



What can you do?

  • Pay for someone’s cup of coffee
  • Help someone out in need – pay a bill, cover their shopping bill for example.  
  • As a business you might host pay it forward activities in your office or even going out into the community
  • Give blood
  • Donate to a charity


How we Pay it Forward at Creative Nature


In a sense, our whole business is created on a ‘pay it forward’ attitude.  

Julianne, our CEO who has allergies and suffers from anaphylaxis, developed this business, because she found it so hard to find food products that were safe for her to eat and which actually tasted delicious. Who wants to eat a snack which tastes like soggy cardboard or like chewing on sawdust. 

She wanted to help others who suffer in the same way to have access to a range of products where they can enjoy the same foods as everyone else, but without having to worry about their allergies.


All of our products are 14 – free from, dairy-free and gluten free.

For the same reason, we support other initiatives and campaigns that are challenging the food industry in the way food is both packaged and labelled.


Julianne is a UK Anaphalaxis Campaign Ambassador, a Teal Ambassador, and we are also supporting Natasha’s Law, which we are expecting to be in place by the end of this summer. You can find out more about Julianne and her campaigning here (put in link to her website here)


During lockdown, we donated food to local food banks, and also donated protein bars to NHS workers to thank them for their amazing work.


How are you going to Pay it Forward on April 28? You can share your good deed with us on our Instagram 





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