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Hello Sunshine!

Hello healthy food fans,

I hope you are enjoying the new site as much as we are? I’m sure you’ll agree that the layout and imagery is much closer to our premium products than the previous site. If you are having any issues though, please do email info@creative-nature.uk.com and we will try to get them sorted ASAP.

The weather is glorious! Well it is down here anyway, we hope that you are all having a bout of sunshine where you are too!

28 Great Taste

If you are lucky enough to be heading to Wimbledon this year, then you should go prepared. Whilst it’s always nice to indulge on strawberries and cream on Centre Court, you don’t want to be paying an arm and a leg! So this year, why not take a Blissful Berry bar and chilled pot of creamy natural yoghurt? You won’t even need a spoon as you can scoop up the refreshing, healthy yoghurt with the bar!

Make sure to take a hat and wear plenty of suncream too!

that’s all for now, keep checking in to see what exciting things we’re doing here at Creative Nature.

Let Nature be your Guide…

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