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Helping your loved ones to live smarter with their allergies! & introducing our new Gnawbles snack bites

We’ve already shared with you the challenges which can be faced by people with allergies when it comes to occasions like Halloween.


These challenges are especially poignant for parents and guardians of small children who may not fully understand the dietary restrictions they face. Then comes the different layer of stress when a child starts pre-school, nursery and then school.


Many schools already have procedures for dealing with the most common allergy – peanuts – however some children have multiple allergies and for schools this can become a logistical difficulty. Often then a child with allergies can feel deprived and left out.


Here are a few tips to help you help the little people around you:


  • Be proactive with the school or with other parents where you sense you are going to be seeing them often as your children are ‘best friends’. Educate where you can in a kind way. Don’t assume the school or other parents know what to do – saying ‘my child is very allergic’ is not enough. If you don’t want your children to be physically separated from their friends, make this part of your conversation with the school or pre school.


  • Help children to understand their own allergies and be able to verbally communicate that information from an early age. Role play can help with this to ensure they can talk about it as their language skills develop.


  • If you have a party at home, prepare foods which are safe for your child and ensure that’s the food everyone has at the party – don’t cater for needs of non-allergic children. This way your child feels the same as any other child and it also educates other children and parents about the range of allergy-free foods now on offer. If foods are home-baked, when asked talk about how you made them and the ingredients you used.


  • Stockpile treats and don’t be afraid to send your child to school, nursery, pre school or to another child’s house with a number of snacks. Again this prevents a feeling of isolation and educates others.


  • When educating others about what your child can’t eat – focus on what they CAN eat. It’s a more positive message both for your child and others. Also provide a list to any education provider of alternatives for your child whatever their allergy in each relevant food group.


We can help too at Creative Nature with all of our snacks such as our free-from bars.


You might also want to consider our new Gnawbles range, available this month from our website. The Gnawbles are tasty free from snack bites (non protein) for the lunchbox, a handbag, a party or a tuck shop.


The 30g snacks come in Dark Chocolate; Vanilla Chocolate; Chocolate Orange and Salted Caramel. Larger 85g snacks are also available. They can be bought online from us too!


Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram page for your chance to win a bundle of Gnawbles worth £20!

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