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Indulge With Creative Nature This Mint Chocolate Day!

Here at Creative Nature we love all things Chocolate, but there is something special about Mint Chocolate. There are tons of people that love the combination of the cool refreshing taste of mint with an indulgent taste of chocolate! Today, on the 19th of February it is even Chocolate Mint Day- dedicated to all those flavour combination lovers out there!

In honour of this lovely day, we thought we would share a few hit recipes with you featuring our Cacao Products, which can be featured in some amazing Chocolate Mint recipes. Whether you want to make a raw mint chocolate bar or a chocolate-mint muffin, we’re sharing a selection of our favourites!


Mint Chocolates

Try out this recipe we found from the Unconventional baker! You can use our Cacao Powder as well as our Spirulina Powder in this recipe!


Mint Dark Chocolate Muffins 

If you love muffins and want something super indulgent that will give you that mint chocolate fix- check out the recipe from beamingbaker below! Our Cacao Powder will come in handy for this recipe too!


Rich Vegan Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Make a vegan, rich peppermint hot chocolate using our Cacao Powder and if you want a bit more taste and texture- top with our Cacao Nibs as well! Check out this quick recipe for the perfect Mint Choc drink from Delightfuladventures!


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