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Interview with Britain’s Next Top Model Tamsin Hough

As you may know, Julianne was on Britain’s Next Top Model a couple of weeks ago! She had a whole feature in it as the girls on the show had to do a commercial using our beautiful Creative Nature products! If you want to learn more about the episode and Julianne’s experience on it- go read our blog post about it here!

Throughout the experience Julianne met many wonderful and inspiring girls that took part in BNTM! Some of them also really, really love our products and brand and thus have decided that they’d love to feature on our blog and newsletters! For the next few weeks we will therefore be featuring a short Q&A with a couple of the BNTM contestants so you can learn a bit more about them, what they like as well as a few tips from them to young girls! We hope you enjoy these features and make sure to go follow the girls on social media as well 🙂

This week we’re featuring the beautiful Tamsin Hough! Here is her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter– make sure to check them out!

What’s your name?

Tamsin Hough

How old are you?


What is your height?

5ft 8 1/2

How long have you been interested in or doing modelling?

I’ve been interested in modelling since I was about 13, however I modelled for the first time on BNTM!

What is your favourite thing about modelling?

My favourite thing about modelling is seeing the creative process of how an image or video is made, and then getting to see the finished product. It makes you feel really proud of yourself when you are part of a shoot that goes well!

What are some of your hobbies and why do you enjoy them?

I really love travelling, especially with my boyfriend. I also enjoy playing sports when I can and going on walks around the countryside.

How do you stay healthy and in shape?

I actually don’t actively have to try and stay in shape! I don’t diet, however I do really enjoy vegetables and home cooked meals, so that probably helps. I also enjoy being active and going outside, however I don’t do any of these things specifically to stay healthy; I just like them!

What are your favourite 3 exercises?

When I was younger I really enjoyed athletics, netball and rounders.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 things would you bring with you?

I would bring an unlimited supply of pizza, a comfy bed and boyfriend.

Out of what you’ve tried, what is your favourite Creative Nature product and why?

I really love the Cacoa Orange flapjack! It’s perfect for when I need a quick snack or breakfast, and tastes so good.

Have you got a favourite photoshoot or modelling moment you can tell us a bit about?

The only modelling experience I have so far is from Britain’s Next Top Model! However, my favourite shoot was working with Debenhams and Savannah Miller. I adored what I was wearing and the whole team made me feel really at ease.

If you can give advice to young girls about being happy, healthy and successful- what would it be?

I would say that a great piece of advice would be to stay off your phones every once in a while. You’ll find you stop comparing yourself to others as much, and you’ll be more inclined to go outside and explore! Exercise doesn’t have to be intensive, going on walks or exploring new places is a great way to stay healthy too.

Thank you Tamsin, for such a wonderful interview and best of luck in all your future modelling experiences!

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