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Our CEO, Julianne, has today been named as the UK Ambassador for The Teal App,  an app designed to save the lives of those who live with anaphylaxis.

The Teal App launches today in the UK and it is for those living with life-threatening allergies and their loved ones.  It can even save the life of an allergy sufferer who goes into anaphylactic shock and provides them with critical information – it can even contact the emergency services for its users.

Julianne’s inspiration for building Creative Nature, was to provide food products that are safe for people who live with food allergies or intolerance. She has done that – and now she also campaigns and raises awareness of what life is like for people like her.

To remind you, Julianne has multiple allergies which includes all nuts, chickpeas, sesame and more.

Recently, she was on the Channel 4 series, Food Unwrapped, testing out how staff at fast food outlets treat those who suffer from allergies.  She was in the Allergy SWAT team! And this showed very quickly how easily those with allergies are dismissed in many food outlets as a ‘pain’ or the kind of customer that an outlet simply does not want.

The outcome of the survey/test wasn’t good. One of the other people in the test team was refused service in a restaurant because she asked about peanuts, and was told they couldn’t serve her. When Julianne asked about allergies in the fast-food venue she visited, they handed her a booklet to read first – putting the onus on her to make a decision – so much for fast food!

Both of these outcomes show how much it is left up to the person with the allergy to check things, not the restaurant, take away or fast food venue.

This is just one reason why this app is so needed.


What is The Teal App?

 The Teal App is the brainchild of American businessman Joey DiGangi, who lives near State College, Pennsylvania and, in the UK, Caron Pollard of London, who founded The Coza Group.

Joey developed a prototype app, and then his employer, Kdan Mobile Software backed his vision. Today the app is owned by his own company, AssureTech, LLC, and of course, now it is being launched in the UK through a licence owned by Caron. The US version has been live for six months.

The Teal App is the UK adaptation of AssureTech’s software that includes country-specific functions like the food diary and ladder challenges. The Teal App was made possible through the collaborative work between AssureTech and The Coza Group.


What are the main features of the app?

  • It is a free to download.
  • Users set up their profile and details of their allergies once (only to be updated if something changes)
  • It has the ability to contact emergency services/contacts
  • It has translation cards for when visiting other countries in 50 different languages.
  • It understands what allergic reactions are.
  • There are also track and save recipes in Your Cookbook
  • Ladder challenges


There are in-app purchases:

  • The opportunity to join subscription community
  • Create family food diaries
  • Access other information
  • Deals around products and services, supporting those living with allergies (as those products and services are often more expensive for those with allergies).


The opportunities to link with others in a ‘community’ and participate in forum discussions is very useful for people who feel isolated in their situation, or parents who have recently discovered that their child suffers from allergies.

Deals for products and services is important, because foods prepared to be allergen free are always more expensive than those which are not allergen free.

To be able to track what is being eaten is also good, and helps remind you of products you like that are safe to eat.

Creative Natures products are amongst those offered in the exclusive deals.

The Teal App is now accessible via web browser and available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information visit https://teal-app.com

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