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It’s National School Sport Week

Did you know that this week is National School Sport Week across the UK? The first National School Sport Week was in 2008, and since then the initiative has grown with more than 5,000 schools and 1.8 million pupils taking part!

The role of NSSW is to raise awareness about sports and being active in school. In the past, throughout the week, a combination of Olympians, Paralympians, Youth Sport Trust ambassadors and Local Heroes have gone to visit schools and events across the UK with aims of inspiring young pupils to get involved, try out new sporting activities and learn about the values of sport!

We think it’s a great opportunity for schools and organisations to look at their curriculum and how they can make sports and outdoor activities more engaging and fun for children. We also think that we should all take some time and think about it in our workplaces. Although it’s National SCHOOL Sport Week, all of you parents out there may want to think how you and your colleagues can go and have an active day out. As they say- healthy habits do get passed on from parents to children!

Here at Creative Nature we also wanted to chip in and share a way you and your kids can be more active! Although we don’t have a sports ground near the office, we have worked with our brand ambassadors Tsuki and Will and are bringing you a fun and challenging at-home HIIT workout you can try out with your family. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, meaning the workout consists of timed intervals where you do burst of high-intensity exercises that will get your heart racing, but in between those intervals you have times rest breaks! It’s actually been shown in several studies that HIIT may improve cardiovascular endurance and is suggested to be the optimal form of exercise due to time efficiency (1,2)

You can check out the workout video here:

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