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Julianne’s Experience: Britain’s Next Top Model shooting Creative Nature Commercial!

We have very exciting news for you all! As you can probably tell from the heading, our CEO, Julianne Ponan has been featured as a judge in Season 12 Episode 3 of Britain’s Next Top Model, which aired at 9 pm this Thursday on Lifetime channel.

Julianne and the producers loved the idea of bringing the girls back to nature and Creative Nature products were the perfect way to do exactly that. This is precisely what the challenge of this episode was about! Julianne Commented “Many women see being naked or showing their body as a sexual thing mainly for another’s benefit. We wanted to show the strength in being naked, body confidence, the power of good nutrition and how you need to work on your body from the inside out. If you put good stuff in, the outside benefits speak for themselves. It’s this beauty that we get from the things we put in our body that shine through, not the layers of clothes, the makeup and the unnatural extras.”

In the episode, the girls were asked to shoot a commercial ad for Creative Nature. The challenge was meant to promote healthy and positive body image by encouraging the audience as well as the girls to see the benefits of healthy and clean eating. It was very important to Julianne to show the advantages of consuming whole, nutrient-rich foods in contrast to highly processed meals that are all around us, negatively affecting our health. Creative Nature products are free from not only the major allergens including nuts, dairy, gluten, wheat and soya but also free sugars, artificial sweeteners and syrups which have been linked with increased risk of developing metabolic diseases such as insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity.

The models where asked to remove one piece of clothing which represented each allergen that Creative Nature products are free from. The other part that Julianne wanted to ensure was that the girls would be wearing very little or nude makeup to ensure their inner beauty shone without the glitz and the glam!


We were also very happy to hear that the girls loved the challenge as well as the product. Tamsin Hough commented “During the challenge I felt apprehensive but excited. I had never done a commercial before, let alone a naked one! However, I had so much fun on set and the Creative Nature Team made me feel so at ease. I loved the Goji Goodness bar I was advertising, and haven’t stopped recommending the range to friends and family since I finished the show. I thought the commercial was a great way of describing the product, and I realised that something can be just as beautiful, (Or Tasty!), whilst being natural. Less is more!”. Many of the girls have even incorporated Creative Nature’s raw, vegan flapjacks, organic baking mixes and chia seeds in their everyday diets to boost their intake of vital vitamins and minerals. This is absolutely amazing to hear as the challenge was created to spread the awareness about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, make sure to catch it on Virgin 208/9BT, BT 329, Talktalk 329 and SKY 156 channels.

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