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Meet our Ambassadors: Tsuki Harris

It’s time to meet another one of our beautiful Ambassadors! Meet Tsuki! A vegan warrior that has the energy we all envy! Make sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter and read on to see how she got into body building, veganism and working with Creative Nature!

What’s your name?

Tsuki AKA Tsuki Warrior, Duracell bunny…although if you ask Starbucks you’ll get something completely different.

What is your background and what do you do currently?

I went to drama school and always did sport. I’ve done martial arts & dance from a young age and used to be a cross country runner and 800/1500m on the track. I then loved spending time in the gym in-between auditions and loved it so much I booked onto my training. I loved the way it made me feel and the positive attitude of everyone; so the thought of passing that on was amazing. I have been in fitness management but am currently a freelance personal trainer & group fitness instructor teaching freestyle and Les mills classes. I’m also studying to be a Tutor to pass on what I’ve learnt in the last 10 years!

How did you get into body building competitions?

I saw a friend compete and he told me to watch the females on stage… I thought they had a similar shape to me and I hadn’t event dieted or lifted properly before. I was inspired by their confidence!!!

What are some of your hobbies and why do you enjoy them?

I like to lift. Lifting weights makes me feel physically and mentally strong and is always a great coping mechanism hahaha. If you’re having a good day go to the gym…if it’s a bad day…go to the gym. I love walking my dog. You can’t beat the fresh air; strolling along the muddy grass with the happiest, thankful, most loving creature. Making playlists…one for every mood 🙂 gangsta hip hop, dubstep and loud rock for when you’re feeling badass…classical, r&b and jazz to chill. Drum & bass and dance to get up and go. The list is endless.

What is your go-to snack?

The Ginger teatox bar or peanut bar when I’m travelling around London. When I have more time I like to eat anything involving houmous, avocado or nut butter ummm just not at the same time.

What is your most proud achievement to day?

Getting a golden ticket to compete at the BNBF British finals meant a lot to me. The chance to compete with the best natural athletes around is a feeling I keep with me every-time I train. These guys inspire me to be the best version of me every day.

What is the best and worst thing about competing in a body building competition?

I really like having structure and complete focus on achieving something. It’s so much more than a physical challenge; the mental side of it is tough and that strength is something that I take with me in everything I do. I love the training & cleaning up my eating to see the changes. I enjoy meeting new people and making friends who are focused, passionate and inspiring individuals who love health & fitness. Glamming up in a super sparkly bikini that I would never wear in the ‘real world’ with eyelashes for days performing to my fave song of the moment is a bloody amazing experience. Ok now for the gritty real talk…The worst thing for me is that I teach physical classes so to so on a deficit diet (no matter how healthy I make the process) is hard. I’m physically tired and most nights just want to go home and sleep which is also tough because my head is constantly thinking about food or playing out show day like a movie in my head. How would I react if I won? What if I don’t place? It really does consume your thoughts. I feel like you lose a little sparkle when you diet and you have to really fight to stay positive through the process. The other thing which I do find quite funny is ‘food porn’ lol. I tend to search for photos & videos of the dirtiest sweet treats I can possibly find…only to realise post comp I would never eat that stuff hahaha.

How did you get into veganism and how long have you been vegan?

I have been a veggie since I was kid; as I had always grown up as an animal lover. I became vegan about 5 years ago because I really struggled after my first couple of shows with certain foods. I knew I wasn’t functioning at my best and I was eating way too many eggs and whey protein shakes; because it was a ‘bodybuilding’ thing to do. I have a few awesome friends who suggested veganism to me and to be fair apart from those items I was practically vegan. I instantly had more energy, felt calmer, better digestion and was excited about food again.

If you could only take 3 things with you on a deserted island, what would it be and why?

Oooh umm depends if I’m being smart and trying to escape quickly or if I’m there having a good time lol. I’ll just say my dog, water & food.

What are some ways you relax after a long day?

I’d like to call this a work in progress…every year I get better at this one. Listening to music that is the complete opposite of what I use in my training & classes. Things like jazz & classical. I love sitting down with a cup of herbal tea & my dog to watch superhero shows on the telly.

What are your favourite 3 exercises or moves at the gym?

So many to choose from. I’d probably go with bigger compound strength based movements so you are using more muscles. They’re great for burning more calories & getting the heart rate up. You’ll find strength and cardio benefits as well as dynamic flexibility. Deadlift, squat and a pull up.

Out of what you’ve tried, what is your favourite Creative Nature product and why?

Ginger teatox was the first ever bar I tried and I loved it!!! It’s something different, it’s sweet and spicy at the same time. I also think that good digestion & balancing the blood sugar is super important so the addition of Barley grass, Yerba mate and ginger mean it really is a ‘super’ bar. Did I mention the oats? Good carbs for great energy.

Why did you decide to team up with Creative Nature and how long have you been with us?

Omg it must be about 4/5 years ago?! I remember meeting you guys at the first Veg Fest expo. I love the products because they taste amazing, the fact that they’re accessible to those of us with allergies & I believe in decent nutrition with minimal rubbish; I can tell you what  the ingredients are in the bars and baking mixes and the superfoods are in their natural form with no added nasties.

What are your favourite memories from events with Creative Nature?

Meeting the different types of people that come over to the stand; talking all things fitness & nutrition. Taking on the weight lifting challenges at Veg Fest & winning…Woohoo!!! I guess most recently would be falling on the floor attempting creative planking.

What are your goals for 2018?

To become a tutor so that I can pass on what I’ve learnt in the fitness industry so far. I always want to better myself when it comes to my training so I guess to improve my lifting technique and increase the weight; if I feel good I’d love to step back on stage. To embrace the art of relaxing. It’s not really a ‘goal’ but I always take a moment to think about ‘what makes me happy’ and make a mental note to do more of that in the year ahead.

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