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Meet our Ambassadors: William Brown

This week we’re introducing you all to our third lovely Brand Ambassador! Meet Will- he is a Vegan personal trainer, has his own podcast and two amazing organisations- the Health Awareness Network as well as the Climate Awareness Network! He is our newest Brand Ambassador and we already have many fun things planned with him that will make loads of you happy and excited! 🙂

If you want to learn more about Will and what he does- keep reading! Also, make sure to follow will on his instagram – @William_Brown_Can as well as his two organisations : @Climate_Awareness_Network and @Health_Awareness_Network to show some support! 🙂 

1. What’s your name?
William Mathew Brown

2. What is your background and what do you do currently?
I’ve always been into fitness and a wide range of sport so naturally slipped into wanting to help people improve their health and fitness. I’m now an experienced personal trainer for almost 10 years, starting first in my hometown of Bournemouth, and now in central London at Fitness First Tottenham Court Road. Other avenues I’m also currently exploring is Public Speaking, Podcasting and Environmental Activism.

3. How did you get into public speaking?
Working in a gym is great, but I always felt deep down that I could use my time and knowledge helping more people at once, rather than just in a one on one personal training environment.

4. What made you decide to start HAN (Health Awareness Network) and CAN (Climate Awareness Network)? So health, and helping people to improve theirs has always been my first passion, and over the years I’ve seen so much mumbo jumbo advice given out to people, so I decided I would use this quickly growing technology and social media to create the health awareness network (HAN), where I can give honest no nonsense advice, that people need to hear most about their health.

My second passion that has naturally blossomed over the last few years is that of our environment and looking after our one planet. I think its imperative we begin to spread awareness on looking after it, before its to late. Luckily both looking after our planet and health match up with my use of a plant based diet.

5. What are some of your hobbies and why do you enjoy them?
In my talks I describe myself as “a self confessed guinea pig” 🙂 meaning I like to try out everything on myself before judging them or telling other people about them. This includes sports, diets, supplements, training regimes, travelling, public speaking, martial arts… you name it. Trying something new is always a priority, as well as being a social butterfly ;D this keeps me quite busy.

6. What is your go-to snack?
A few years ago, my go to snack would of been whatever I could grab in my busy schedual, whether it be processed, healthy and nutritionally dence or not. But as over the years my knowledge has grown, and I have learnt exactly what fuels my body and mind most effectively, I sit here munching on some Creative Nature Shelled Hemp Seeds. The science is coming out that hemp is one of the best ingredients we can put in our body again for both mind and body. It contains all the essential omegas the brain needs, as well as being high in protein, fibre, essential fats, and countless other micro nutrients.

7. What is your most proud achievement to date?
I trained a severely overweight client, who was told by his doctor he wouldn’t live much longer if he carried on. We completely turned his life around, he now loves fitness, has lost over half his bodyweight, does huge cycle races, recently did a charity boxing match, and is the best volleyball player on his local side!
Another is recently when I spoke at a large fitness show as public speaking has always been a fear of mine.

8. How did you get into veganism and how long have you been vegan?
I’ve always observed vegans from afar, but like I said before, I never like to judge before I have tried something or understood the motives myself. And when I was in the Borneo jungle, I saw the huge destruction to our environment raising cattle has, and after that lining up with me realising the huge health benefits of a plant based diet, and how amazing I felt after trying it, I will never go back. Veggie first and Vegan the last 18 months.
Another big reason is when you make the connection of animal cruelty to our food, it’s simply unnecessary.

9. If you could only take 3 things with you on a deserted island, what would it be and why?
Funnily enough I have been to a couple desert islands in the philippenes and I took my number 1 item – Resistance bands. This gives you the option to get a good workout in anywhere.
Number 2 item would be after a farmer taught me in Indonesia, the importance of a knife, for cutting fruit, coconuts, rope, wood, anything. Would be very practical.
Number 3 items would obviously be a box of Creative Nature Salted Caramel Bars of course! 😉

10. What are some ways you relax after a long day?
Stretch, release the tension in your muscles and you release the tension and stress in your mind also 🙂 It’s highly underrated.

11. What are your favourite 3 exercises or moves at the gym?
Im going to stick to 3 whole body exercises. They work the largest amount of muscles in the shortest amount of time so in short give you the biggest bang for your buck:
Barbell Clean and Press.
Barbell Back squat.
TRX Ab crunch and press up combo.

12. Out of what you’ve tried, what is your favourite Creative Nature product and why?
I’ve already said about the Hemp Seeds and Salted Caramel bars, but another top fave is the Cacao Nibs. So tasty, so extremely good for you, so portable, just perfect for a healthy busy life.

13. Why did you decide to team up with Creative Nature and how long have you been with us?
Only a couple months now, but not only because I love their products, but working with good genuine people is huge for me. And these guys are just awesome in everyway, they are all individually passionate and care what the customer likes and wants. It’s so refreshing to see in todays age.

14. What are your favourite memories from events with Creative Nature?
Helping to organise the Squat Challenge with comically huge Creative Nature bars at Stylist live festival in London! People loved getting involved!

15. What are your goals for 2018?
To grow even more as a person, with a goal to educate and inspire as many people as possible into looking after the two homes we have, our bodies and our environment 🙂 

Thanks so much to Will for taking part in this Interview and we’re sure you will be inspired to lead a happier and healthier life as well! 🙂 

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