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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a celebration to pay tribute to all mothers or those who play a mothering role.  Also, to celebrate motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. The day is celebrated around the world, but at different times of the year. In the US, Mother’s Day is in May.

Normally Mother’s Day celebrations would mean Sunday lunch at a local pub or restaurant, or a special home cooked meal.  It also means a day out somewhere, and obviously cards and flowers, or other presents. This year, while we are all in lockdown, you still need to help your mother feel special, and loved.  How can you be creative in your celebrations, when you may not be able to see her in the flesh?

7 Ideas for a lockdown Mother’s Day

  1. Some of these ideas will work if you are in lockdown with your mother, and some will work even when you are distanced.
  2. Breakfast in Bed. If you are taking Mum breakfast in bed, decorate the tray with flowers, or the table if you are eating together.
  3. Flowers are the most obvious Mother’s Day present, but who doesn’t love receiving flowers? If you can, get them delivered by a local florist rather than going online. Buy local!
  4. Use post-it notes, or create some little cards, and write, telling Mum the different ways you love her. “I love you because….”
  5. Hide them around the house, and have a Post-it note hunt. You could also leave a treat with each post -it message, such as small packets of Gnawbles, or make some little bags that can  be filled with a few of  each of the different flavours.
  6. Create a goodie bag with your mum’s favourite things inside, which you can order online, or maybe find your local supermarket e.g. Candles; teas; wine; chocolates; book to read….
  7. Bake her some cupcakes with decorative love messages on the top, or hearts etc. If you can’t see your mum on the day, drop them round to her beforehand.
  8. Put together a picnic hamper, and either drop it off and then have a zoom call and eat together.
  9. Include all the things she likes.  Visit Creative Nature’s Recipe page for cakes and cookies.
  10. Have a Zoom baking together, creating Afternoon Tea together. Once all the baking is finished, tidy up, and while the cakes are cooling, get dressed up.  Go back onto Zoom and eat your Afternoon tea together.

imahe fo carrot cake with flowers

Here at Creative Nature we want to celebrate two of the mothers among us!

First up is Trudi Austin is our business development manager. Trudi lost her husband Bob very suddenly almost two years ago and therefore her family changed dramatically overnight. Here are her thoughts on Mother’s Day:

“Mother’s Day is bittersweet for me as I sadly lost my lovely mum in 2004 after a long illness. Even after all this time I still miss her deeply. 

I have three lovely children who make my day, every day, by just being who they are which is wonderful. I am also lucky to have my fabulous ‘surrogate’ mother in an old family friend who stepped into the mum and grandma role for my family – Dorothy is now a sprightly 86 and a truly inspirational lady who I speak to every single day. A carefully picked out present will be with her on Mother’s Day to thank her for everything she does. We are so lucky to have her.


Sadly in 2019 I lost my husband to a sudden illness and our lives as a family turned upside down. We take every day at a time as we still try to find our new normal.

Mother’s Day was always organised by my husband and the dilemma for me last year as a newly single mum was ‘do I or do I not remind them or buy my own cards and presents’.  

I decided to buy for myself as I did not want them to feel like they had let me down. For this year I have already spoken with them and we are going to spend the day doing things together. I know we are all currently together at home however with ages of 22, 19 and 13 the children often like to be online with friends, playing games, studying or watching films.

I have a plan – as it’s my day a gardening party is sounding a great opportunity. Please note this is gardening so they have to help me tidy the garden ready for the summer and I hate jet washing!”


Also our Supply Chain Operative Gayathri Ramakrishnan:

I’m out of words when it comes to talking about mothers. For me it’s about celebrating the bond rather than an actual person Appreciating and feeling grateful for what and how we are now because of my mother and your mother.

Motherhood itself isn’t just a journey of raising a child, it’s about finding yourself , Learning life lessons every day. I take this opportunity to talk about my mum, myself as a new mum (my daughter Madhu is only five years old) and having a daughter means dealing with a mini version of me!

I was brought up in a household in India where I came home by myself as my mum worked full time even now and my grandma was working full time as well. Therefore I have been brought up to be independent from a very young age.

I used to complain a lot and always wondered how nice it would be to have my mum home after school. My mum would come home from work, have her cup of coffee and there was no time to rest, I always remember her cooking for us in the evening and doing household chores. She is a teacher and there is no rest in the evening, she constantly reads and updates her knowledge to keep her classes interesting. She took her PGCE (post graduate certificate in education) when I was in my secondary school, while helping with my homework.

I don’t remember her watching TV or doing anything else apart from working for us. She always saved her money to buy me things  and I barely remember her buying anything for herself at all. As a result, I had the privilege to attend a good school and take part in extra-curricular activities . 

Our lifestyle has got better and better, I don’t remember thanking her for anything and I don’t think I have realised how blessed I really was until I became a mother. All I want to say to her is “Thank you Amma, for whatever I’m today is all because of you”. 


As for me, I moved to UK when Madhu was only  six months old. I had some English yet. I didn’t understand the accents or the culture of the UK. I was totally naive, depressed and helpless, I cried almost every day, I put on lots of weight, had no friends and family nearby.

I have spent my dark winter days stuck at home with a little child as the British winter was too strong for me, coming from 35-40 degrees. Even when I took Madhu to play groups , I was the odd one out and I understood only a little of what the others would say.

The mother in me was eager to learn more and show my child a better world. I went in search of jobs and decided to take up whatever came my way. I worked in a local off- licence shop nearby during the weekends when Ram (my husband?) took care of Madhu. I must say he was and still is very supportive. Then things started to change. It started with little conversations and the villagers were very kind when I wouldn’t laugh at their jokes as I didn’t understand. I then applied for a warehouse assistant role with Creative Nature and today here I’m writing my journey as a mother.

I grew more confident and used social media to make more friends, spent time outside , met many different people. Julianne and Matt at Creative Nature have been really supportive throughout my time with them and I’m still learning and growing every day.”


Let’s stay positive and celebrate this day with hearts full of gratitude.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers out there – also the single dads, sisters and brothers or anyone who plays the role of a mother.



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