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National Chocolate Covered Anything Day!

Anyone for Chocolate? 

Did you know that December 16th is dubbed National Chocolate Covered Anything Day? For most people this would be heaven. Being able to eat anything you like and think would taste good, completely covered in chocolate! The list for most of us is endless.

Chocolate figures:

 We love chocolate in the UK. The average Brit consumes 7,560 chocolate bars, 2,268 slices of chocolate cake and 8, 316 chocolate biscuits in a lifetime. At Christmas, chocolate is a popular gift.  In 2017, in fact, it was the number one gift in the UK, with 53% of the population expected to be given some form of chocolate gift.

Research found that normally the weekly spend on chocolate is around £5.50, but at Christmas this goes up to £16 a week. And, almost half of UK adults still have advent calendars. Over a fifth buy a tradition chocolate one (21%), and 64% pick a fancier more expensive version. However this year there’s been a shortage of them, is this because more were bought due to us not being able to get out and about a lot or is it because less were stocked by retailers?

Allergies and chocolate

All of this chocolate around is all well and good, but if you are one of the estimated two million people living with diagnosed allergies, possibly not! There are hidden dangers at every turn for those consumers. Chocolate is a problem for many people suffering from allergens; for some due to the cocoa, but for many, the ingredients: milk, wheat, and nuts (the most common food allergies in UK). A huge amount of chocolate sold includes nuts.

When everyone else is readily eating their way through mountains of chocolate gifts, spare a thought for those who can’t – at least, not without putting their lives at risk. Ensure you know if people have allergies before buying them a ‘chocolate’ present which could put them in danger of anaphylaxis shock. It’s better to be safe than sorry, ensure the gift you buy says it’s allergen free.


Alternatives to chocolate

There are alternative sources of chocolate, and free from versions, but it is always important to check that they are free-from all top 14 allergens. Always read the label or look for the evidence that it makes a ‘thing’ of being allergen free as labels don’t always tell the whole story.

Other alternatives to chocolate are carob and cacao nibs – and here at Creative Nature – we sell them. You can find some in the supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Asda or you can order direct from us here  just remember you only have a few days left to guarantee a festive delivery!

Rather than chocolate Advent Calendars, but still creating a snacking Advent experience, you could make up your own calendar in any creative ways you fancy.  E.g. using different sized boxes, filled with goodies; a material advent calendar with snack-filled pockets, there are so many ideas, let your creative juices flow. This is a great idea for those unable to eat ‘normal’ chocolate.

Add any of our chocolate Gnawbles, or squares of our Protein Crunch Bars or Raw Fruit Oaties, or Cacao Nibs, for the safe snack surprises. We have lots of alternative baking, breakfast and cookie recipes to indulge in chocolate safely, over the Christmas season too – all on our website. Take a look here.

For someone who loves nuts, but is unable to eat them, our Cheeky Choc Hazelnot Gnawbles are the perfect gift. They have the amazing taste of hazelnuts, without having one single nut in sight! Or you could go ‘all out’ and order our Chocolate Bundle – this is a fantastic addition to festive food fare for anyone. However it’s wonderful for those you love who are excluded from so many ‘treat’ experiences because of their allergies.

If you know someone who could benefit from our products please do introduce them to us- we really care about those with allergies and being able to enjoy delicious food without fear. Ask our CEO Julianne – she’s one of them and the person behind the brand, you can find her blog here.

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