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Picnic Day

International Picnic Day is June 18th, just a few days before all lockdown restrictions should be removed. 


This year, it will be the perfect way for people to celebrate the opportunity to get together and meet up after months of being apart.  What would be a better way than being able to eat outdoors, and enjoy the summer weather?

Quite often the typical picnic food includes a lot of gluten and other foods packed with allergens. However, this can cause issues for those of us suffering with good allergies and with a little bit of creative thinking and planning ahead, a picnic can be both gluten and allergen free.

Some people are allergic to eggs, and those following a vegan diet also, don’t eat eggs. So, what are the alternatives to eggs?


All of these can be used in baking as a replacement for eggs and some work equally well to fill gluten free wraps, tortillas or in other recipes.

  •         Apple Sauce
  •         Mashed Banana
  •         Ground flaxseeds or Chia seeds
  •         Silken Tofu
  •         Fruit purees


Gluten and Dairy-free picnic ideas

  •         Quinoa Salad (*South American Quinoa Salad)
  •         A range of salads: watermelon and spinach salad; chicken with blueberries, mandarin oranges; bean and rice salad; Edamame, corn and carrot
  •         Stuffed peppers
  •         Lettuce Wraps, fill with anything you like: chicken and mango chutney; tofu; veggies etc
  •         Potato salad – with a diary-free dressing
  •         Raw vegetables with dips.
  •         Gluten free mini quiches (*Gluten free all-purpose flour) Without dairy, but with eggs.
  •         Gluten free bread with hummus and avocado
  •         Gluten free sausage rolls (*Gluten free all-purpose flour)
  •         Corn bread or Banana Bread (*Baking mixes)
  •         Carrot Loaf (*Baking mixes)
  •         Strawberries dipped in chocolate



*Creative Nature Recipes or products all found on our website here.

Any of our baking mixes are perfect for a sweet choice for the picnic.

Plan for a safe picnic

  •         Beware of cross contamination!
  •         When packing your foods for the picnic, if you have a mixture of foods for people with allergens, and foods that include those allergens, it is vital you keep them apart. Pack in sealed containers.
  •         Keep food separate when serving too. Have designated serving spoons for allergy free foods.  Label foods clearly, and don’t sit foods that contain allergens next to free-from food!
  •         Pack wet wipes, so you can keep children’s’ hands clean – they will touch everybody and anything, and may have a trace of an allergenic food on their hands.
  •         If you are away from home, ensure you have a phone signal in case of emergencies. Also make sure you have epi-pens or any other medication required.



As the summer months approach, not only are picnic’s a good way to see friends and share food, but BBQs are also going to be happening events too.  Remember, the same issues apply to BBQ’s, as to picnics.


Enjoy picnic and BBQ time with your family and friends. 


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