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Post-workout snacks, smoothies and tips

Knowing the right things to eat after a workout can be complicated and you may think it will take hours of meal prepping to find the right meal for you.  However we have five helpful tips to get you started!

It is very important to include

  1. Carbohydrates & protein – To help reduce fat down to a minimum for a post workout recovery formula
  2. A high protein meal – pick your protein of choice (eg salmon) with a sweet potato, salad, and a bit of avocado
  3. Green smoothie – with kale, half a banana, coconut water and our hemp protein powder to assist recovery, strength and growth
  4. Original protein flapjack – carbohydrates from the oats and the protein from the seeds and soy protein


If you’re looking for something different and appetizing then this is for you!

Black Bean Avocado Enchiladas

These vegan enchiladas are perfect for a flavoursome healthy meal. You’ll be full for hours thanks to quinoa and black beans, while heart-healthy avocado adds creaminess. Substitute in almond, coconut or gluten-free flour in place of the unhealthy, processed stuff then bake and enjoy! Perfect for a quick intake of fibre and nutrients.


Sweet, smooth, summer-ripe smoothies are a great snack to enjoy as the weather is warming up!

Our Green Machine Juice with Barley Grass smoothie is the ideal post work out snack as it enriches your body with the correct nutrients to enable your body to work its magic after your enduring workout!


1 Cup Coconut Water or Milk

¼ Of A Cucumber

½ A Green Apple (Cored)

Handful Of Kale

2 Tsp Creative Nature Barley Grass Powder

Fresh Parsley (To Your Taste Preference)

1 X Kiwi Flesh

1 Tbsp Honey


Stay Healthy The Right Way

Your body is a temple, so treat it that way! It is very important to feed your body with the correct ingredients in order for you to sustain a healthy diet. Combining exercise and the right meals before and after a workout will all help develop your desired body results.

Here are a few snacks for on the go, if you need a quick snack to or from the gym then this energy booster is perfect for you!

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