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Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing like a Hot Chocolate to keep you warm during these cold months. As much as we love Tea and Coffee in the office, a warm sweet treat is always welcome.⁠

We think our Salted Caramel Gnawbles are the perfect topper for this recipe, and of course, we didn’t forget the whipped cream!⁠

We also decided to add maple syrup to make it a bit sweeter or you could add sugar/sweeteners.

Prep:2 Minutes

Cook:5 Minutes



  • Creative Nature Cacao Powder
  • 30g Salted Caramel Gnawbles⁠
  • 200ml of your favourite milk⁠
  • Vegan Whipped Cream⁠
  • 1tsp Maple Syrup

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  1. Pour the milk into a saucepan and heat up. ⁠
  2. Once heated add 2 heaped tbsp of Cacao Powder to the milk and mix well until smooth. Once smooth add the maple syrup to make it just that little bit sweeter (if you want to)⁠
  3. Place into your chosen mug and top with vegan whipped cream and crushed Gnawbles!! ⁠
  4. ENJOY⁠
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