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Running Motivation: Tips for Runners at Every Level

You can’t buy motivation. Most runners probably wish they could.

We hit walls. Life can seem to get in the way of running–so having a playbook of motivational techniques is important for runners at every level who are fighting the same battle to log miles.

Running motivation can come in different forms when the finish line isn’t in sight–new running shoes, a new training plan, or even joining a running club. But at its purest, motivation is the human desire to do something; unlocking that desire may be even more difficult than the task itself.

Joshua Sommers finds it within himself–the hedge fund VP is also a triathlete who has competed in over 100 races. When asked what motivates him, he keeps it simple.

“The pursuit of excellence and self-improvement.” Joshua Sommers

We aren’t all like Joshua, but we can learn from him. If you are new to running or are already experienced, you may be looking for some motivation and tips to keep you going. Whether it’s ways to keep running, to get up in the morning or to maintain the habit you already have on the days you really don’t feel like running… then we have something special to share with you! Check out this informative post from HVMN on Running Motivation- tips for Runners at Every Level!  In this piece, they explore what types of motivational tools different runners can use, and how they can impact your training–and your life outside of running. This article was originally published at HVMN.

Make sure to read the post if you are starting to do a bit of running yourself, or if you’ve been a fan for quite some time. As we are all foodies here at Creative Nature, don’t forget to also fuel your body right and treat it to some high-protein flapjacks post run for some recovery! 🙂

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