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  School holidays on the horizon

Exciting times are ahead, as school holidays are soon here. Due to continuing restrictions, overseas holidays may or may not be happening, and so it may be a time of finding fun things to do locally.


9 Fun things to do in the holidays: 


    • Visit a local beauty spot – look at the flowers and bugs – take pictures on your phones. Look up in books or online to find out about any of them that you didn’t know about.
    • Recreate your own Olympics with a few friends. Include some silly events, e.g 3-legged race; egg and spoon etc.
    • Create some different smoothies with using different fruits – even some of the ones you’ve picked.
    • Have a water balloon fight in the back garden (with the permission of the big people at home!)
    • Paint designs on a plain t-shirt or try creating a tie-dye pattern.
    • Make your own ice lollies
    • Go fruit-picking at a local farm (some are open)
    • Visit museums or art galleries that are showing interesting summer events.
    • Be a tourist in your own town and find out about local heritage. Search for things you didn’t know about – there may be more hidden treasures than you expect.


Things to take with you to the beach, camping or picnics If anyone in your family has a food allergy, it is always useful to think about what you can take with you to the beach, or when going out. Always have an emergency supply of safe food snacks.  Whether it be gluten, or dairy free or other allergies, have packs of gluten free oatcakes to nibble, or allergy free bars. Something easily transportable for when you are hungry, but when there is nothing safe and available quickly. All of Creative Natures snacks are perfect: Raw Fruit Oaties, Protein Crunch Bars, and Gnawbles – all in a variety of flavours.


Encourage the children to choose and make their own mix bags for road trips, and beach time.  Add allergy friendly ingredients: dried fruit;

 sunflower seeds; pumpkin seeds; milk-free chocolate chips or cacao nibs, mini marshmallows, mini gluten-free pretzels, banana chips.

Use re-purposed plastic containers, or small plastic tubs to pack fruit or veggie dips.  E.g. sunflower seed butter with apple slices, carrot sticks or celery;  pepper strips, carrot sticks or courgettes with hummus or guacamole.

Alongside the snacks, make sure you remember to take epi pens if needed, wipes, for wiping down surfaces, and keep any free from food separate to everyone elses, including any utensils. Always make sure you have a phone signal in case of emergencies.

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