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Share your Christmas jumpers with us!!!

Do you own a Christmas jumper?  Do you wear it on National Christmas Jumper day, (which is December 11th this year)?


If you don’t, what other fun Christmas clobber do you wear?

For example, do you own any of these types of things?

  • Santa or elf hats?
  • Reindeer antlers?
  • Christmas themed earrings or jewellery?
  • Elf shoes?
  • Leggings with Christmas theme pattern on them?
  • Christmas night wear/ underwear/socks?


What is National Christmas Jumper Day?

The day was launched, eight years ago, in 2012, by Save the Children UK. The idea being that anyone wearing a Christmas Jumper on the day donates £2, which goes towards funding projects, helping children around the world to build better futures.

So far over £4 million has been raised by this annual event. Why not, add it as a new tradition to your festivities? Last year more than 4 million people wore Christmas jumpers officially through the campaign. Even dogs got dressed up!


You don’t have to go out and buy a jumper, you can decorate one you have already, or donate further by buying one from a charity community shop, and then decorating it.


This. year on the Save the Children website, there is information about a competition for children to design a jumper for Peppa Pig.


You can download and print the competition colouring template from the Save the Children website: https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/content/dam/cjd/designpepperschristmasjumper.pdf


Canada’s version of jumper day.


Canada also has a jumper day, but their’s is: National Ugly Sweater Day (Dec 18th).


Many people in the UK, think that Christmas jumpers are ugly, or totally embarrassing, but in Canada, they have made  this into a positive, fun issue.


Ugly sweaters have been around for as long time, often just in the guise of the jumper that your mum or grandma knitted for you… Not meant as a mistake, but that’s the way they turned out, or how you viewed them.


However, in the 90s two men from Vancouver came up with the idea to throw the first official ugly, or tacky, holiday sweater party, to raise money for their friend’s cancer treatment.  The party was a hit, and the idea took off.


So, if the whole idea of Christmas jumpers is something you don’t like, why not go with the ‘ugly’ sweater idea.  You can still give back and help raise money for your charity, while having fun.


At Creative Nature, we love dressing up for festive occasions during the year and Christmas is no exception!


Why not have a bit of baking fun with this too. Bake cakes, using your favourite Creative Nature baking mix, then decorate them to match your Christmas jumper?


You could sell cakes, or, as many of us are still in lockdown at the moment, ask people to sponsor a cake. Put the pictures of the cakes, (numbered), on your social media, and ask people to ‘buy’ a virtual cake, asking them to share the image of the cake they buy, thus spreading the message.

In other words, use your imagination and share some Christmas cheer and spirit – we could all do with it this year!

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