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Simple, Allergy-Friendly Ice Cream Options For The Summer

If the heat is getting to you and you’re dreaming of ice-cream on a daily basis, this blogpost will surely help you out! We’re sharing a few options of our favourite Vegan, allergy-friendly ice-creams you can make at home by following just a few steps. Store-bought Ice Cream, be gone! 🙂


Raspberry Tea Ice Lollies– This recipe we found online is super quick and easy- the perfect ice lolly thats made with natural ingredients and all pure and delicious. All you need is an ice lolly tray, 4 ingredients and you’re sorted!


Chocolate and Vanilla Nana Ice Cream- It’s the vegan ice-cream trend you’ve probably seen all over Instagram and Pinterest the past few years. A vegan ice-cream with a base of frozen bananas that can be customised easily by adding in whatever flavour you fancy. Want a chocolate version? Add in our lovely Creative Nature Cacao Powder. Want a Caramel Flavour? Add in some Creative Nature Maca Powder and dates… the combinations are endless. Set your imagination free but make sure to share your creations with us on social media!

The Perfect Granita- this Granita recipe we found online is a melon one, however, you can make them from pretty much any fruit! Granitas are great as they’re similar to an ice-lolly, but can be scooped and eaten from a bowl. Although the recipe does call for some sugar, why not try and experiment a bit and use natural sweeteners like maple syrup?


With all these lovely vegan, allergy-friendly ice cream options… feel free to experiment a bit and change it up by using some “superfood” ingredients? Want a green lolly…? Add in some of our Creative Nature Spirulina Powder! Want some crunch on that Chocolate Nana Ice Cream? Top it off with our delicious Creative Nature Cacao Nibs! The combinations are endless and we can’t wait to see what you make!

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