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Staying active when self-isolating or being stuck at home

The Coronavirus is not something that any of us imagined, have
planned for and has thrown up a variety of situations that are
completely unexpected. We are suddenly finding ourselves in a very
different situation to anything many of us have seen before.
Life in the 21st century is fast moving, and it is rare that we have as
much time as we might like with our families. This virus has forced
us to slow down. However, being faced with a situation where we
may be forced to spend every hour of every day at home as a
family, can be quite daunting.
How are you all going to cope being in such close proximity, home
together? What are you going to do with your time? How are you
going to stop yourselves from getting on each other’s nerves?
If you have older children at home, they will most likely have been
sent schoolwork to do during their time off.
Therefore, planning a routine will give you and them purpose and
keep focus to each day. Plan for academic time; creativity; chores;
TV time, and meals. It’s very important to consider staying active –
what kind of exercise can you do at home?
Keeping Active:
Exercise is important to keep healthy, normally, but even more so
now. However we have to consider the caveat of keeping a safe
distance from other people who are not members of our household.
Plan family walks with picnics as the weather improves or cycle
rides to places where you won’t meet too many other people, or
where you can easily keep your distance.
Remember a distance of at least 10m is a safe distance and it must
be constant. If you arrive somewhere and there’s a crowd, move on.
If that’s not possible, plan exercise in your own garden, this might
include games of some kind. This combines exercise with fresh air.
There are many ideas available on the internet or you may be
connected with clubs which are now doing their training via a video
link. This could be martial arts, Zumba, dancing, yoga or something
similar. Check in locally and see who is taking their training online
and innovating to help us all in this crisis.
If you are able to be safely outside, don’t forget to take healthy
snacks with you, to stave off hunger, and to save having to enter
shops where you may come into contact with others. You know
where you can find our snacks – perfect for this strange situation.
Indoors activity:
If you are indoors, there are many games you can play which will
keep you active in a fun way.
This could be games via tools such a PlayStations, Xboxes or similar
– however those which require your body to move other than your
fingers flicking to and fro on a console. It could be a dance routine
game, or a game which requires you to play tennis or try a yoga
Or it could be a game around the house which involves being timed
in some way – it could even be an active treasure hunt with a small
reward at end. Plan some yourself or ask your children for their
ideas to mix it up.
Set aside a time for moving, even if it’s simply counting steps
around the house, going up and down stairs safely but swiftly or
taking turns on an exercise bike or rowing machine.
Try to do this as a family team so that no one family member gets
annoyed by a sudden noise explosion in the home or the garden.
What’s the goal?
Trying to keep your days similar to school or work days in terms of
eating and sleeping, will help maintain their health, and their sleep
patterns; and your sanity.
Remember too that children model us, so how you conduct yourself
during this time is what they will perceive as the correct way to
If you can keep calm and measured, they will take it all in their
stride. If you panic, then so will they. Their resilience will, in the end,
match your’s.
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