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It’s Nutrition and Hydration Week!

Nutrition and Hydration Week (11th-17th of March) is an annual event which aims to highlight and promote healthy living and advancements in nutrition and hydration locally and worldwide! At Creative Nature, we care for all customers and their health, by producing products which are safe for all consumers to eat,…

How to Stay Healthy and Eat Right in the Winter

Now that it is getting chilly outside and winter is just around the corner, many of us may find it difficult to stay healthy in the winter months. However, although in the summer time it is always easier to stay active and choose better food options as we naturally crave…

A Quenching Summer Guide

  Summer has sprung out of nowhere and hit us smack bang in the face. All those cold months of complaining have finally worn off and now we can complain about the sweltering 24 degree heat! The key to lasting in this heat is to keep your hydration under control,…

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