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Teal Halloween

Here at Creative Nature, we are busy preparing to decorate our Halloween pumpkins, ready for a Teal Halloween.


What is a ‘Teal Halloween’ we hear you ask?…it’s a celebration of Halloween with a clear message – ‘we’re allergy friendly!’


Our recent blog explains about the Teal Project



We’re also thinking about free-from foods that we can add to our Halloween treat bag, and also how we can decorate muffins and cakes in teal coloured icing or frosting. All of which enforces the message that Halloween is fun, yet it can also be thoughtful!


You can use our Spirulina Pacifica Powder as a colouring to create either bright blue icing or frosting, by adding it to your preferred recipe for cake icing.  Also, by adding a little Organic Maca Powder, you may be able to create a more ‘teal’ teal  colour, rather than bright blue.

Two of our other products that are perfectly matched to go into a Teal pumpkin, as their packaging is already that colour are:


Our Super Salted Caramel Protein Crunch Bars, and our Super Salted Caramel Gnawbles – these are delicious, tasty and lovely for everyone to eat – and also safe for everyone to eat. A great addition to an allergy-friendly celebration.

You could also use our Creative Nature tote bags to fill with Halloween goodies and treats, as they are also, teal in colour. To order those visit https://www.creativenaturesuperfoods.co.uk/product/creative-nature-tote-bag/

In our recent blog we shared tips for safe, non-food treats to give away at Halloween. You can remind yourself of them by visiting https://www.creativenaturesuperfoods.co.uk/halloween-the-2020-story/


13 Ideas for getting creative for a Teal Halloween

  1. Paint the pumpkin teal, using acrylic paint, and then finishing with a coat of metallic glitter paint, adding a great glossy finish.
  2. Use stencils to add designs
  3. Paint a variety of sized and shaped glasses teal, and then draw pumpkin faces on the side, and use them as cute candle holders.
  4. Decorate a trick or treat bag teal.
  5. Wrap a pumpkin in teal yarn or wool. Using sticky tape to stick the wool to the bottom of the pumpkin, and start wrapping around, until you get the desired effect.
  6. Use teal coloured tissue paper, cut into squares or about 3cm square. Put glue over the pumpkin, and gradually add the paper squares, gluing them into place where needed, as you go. Leave it to dry. Then cover with another layer of glue, and add a 2nd layer of paper square, leaving them to dry. When it’s finished, draw a face with a thick black maker pen.
  7. If you can find one, buy a teal Chinese lantern, and draw a pumpkin face on the side.
  8. Decoupage pumpkins. Cut out patterns from fairly sturdy wrapping paper, then starting at the bottom of the pumpkin, glue them on. Keep covering with glue as you go.  Build up from the bottom, and add a layer of PVA or decoupage glue to seal it in place.
  9. Make mini teal pumpkins out of felt, or other material you have, stuff them, and they can be piled up together, as a decoration.
  10. Alternatively, knit or crochet mini teal pumpkins.
  11. Once you’ve painted your pumpkin, decorate them, creating animals, using acorns, sunflower seeds, dried leaves, nuts, and toothpicks – securely, gluing them into place.
  12. Crayon drip pumpkins. Using leftover pieces of crayons, hold them near the pumpkin stem, and use a low-heat hair dryer, melt them. You can control the drips, moving around the pumpkin. Leave them to dry completely.
  13. Buy some pretty ribbon, enough to go around the width of your pumpkin and attach it with a few drops of glue.


To take a look at some of our creations do visit our Instagram account here and follow us. Share your creations and we’ll share as many as we can!

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