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Team Days with Creative Nature!

Today’s blog is a bit of an update from our amazing team day and a discussion into why team days are so important.

Let’s start with Creative Nature.

We aim to do at least three major team days in the year. A MAJOR team day is where we go out and do something incredibly awesome, as opposed to just team drinks or lunch. Previous team days have included Escape the Room (great for building communication skills and thinking as a team), Climb the 02 (great for building team morale and support) and Go Ape (another great activity for morale boosting and support).

Our last team day has got to be one of the most enjoyable and most rewarding. We went to Liquid Leisure, which is a massive inflatable obstacle course, on a lake! The objective of this team day was boost morale, reward team members for an impressive few months of growth and get the team working together to overcome the obstacles.

The added bonus? It’s 50 minutes of intense, whole body workout, giving the team an intense workout whilst having a great time!

We started out quite conservatively, helping each other amble across the various obstacles and giving a helping hand when we inevitably fell in the water! Then it turned more intense, with races, challenges and the climb to the top of the iceberg…

What did we learn?

Well, we all have our unique strengths, whether it be strength, agility, balance or something else. During this team day we all used our strengths to help each other out and complete all the obstacles. We also learnt how unfit some of us are, but how enjoyable a workout running along inflatable obstacles is compared to the gym!

Making the most out of a team day.

It’s all too easy to get the team together for a meal/drink and call it a team day. It’s not. That’s a social, normally after work, which is great for encouraging the team to talk and get to know each other but won’t help build your team.

A team day needs to concentrate on certain aspects you want to improve or assess, like teamwork, morale, team cohesion, etc. They need to be all inclusive, so every team member benefits. They need to be enjoyable, so everyone wants to get involved, otherwise your team will be dreading the next team day and see it as a punishment!

There are some great organised team days for larger teams, with great team building exercises, but these are usually all the same, on the grounds of a huge country mansion and don’t show any thought on your part. So opt for something outside the box. Do you think you can work together to solve clues and escape a locked room? If you find that too easy, ramp it up a bit with themed escape the rooms, like escape the haunted prison!

If you want something more physical and less mental, try high ropes courses or rock climbing and when you conquer them with ease, go for a Rough Runner or Tough Mudder to really test the team!

Whatever you choose to do, remember that you are a team and the point of the team day is to strengthen your team, not have one person bark orders for everyone to follow! Follow our Instagram account to see what our next team day is going to be and let us know how you get on!

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