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Top Tips for Dealing with Allergies

As it’s Allergy Awareness Week, we thought we would do a blog post to talk about a few ways you can deal with allergies!

Julianne, the founder and owner of Creative Nature suffers from allergies herself and has a few top ways she deals with allergies on the go! Julianne suffers from severe anaphylaxis to many foods, including peanuts, chickpeas, lentils, treenuts, coconut and some perfumes. This means she has to be prepared in advance for getting an allergic reaction anywhere! Whether that’s in the office, on the way to London on the train, on an air plane or even at home!

Some top tips of how you can prevent and deal with allergies include:

  1. Be vocal – don’t be afraid to talk about your allergies and what you are allergic to. If you don’t speak up and tell the people around you then no one will know and they can’t take preventative measures. Especially with it being Allergy Awareness Week- tell you friends and colleagues (if they don’t know yet) and get a conversation going! Maybe there are a lot more people around you that have allergies that haven’t even mentioned it before!
  2. Ask questions– if you’re at a restaurant, a cafe or a shop, ask the waiter or shop clerk the questions! Make sure to ask what the ingredients of the products are and double check that the allergens you suffer from aren’t there. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!
  3. Buy from and eat at allergy-friendly places! As you may know, we are a free-from company, so most of our products are safe to eat for those with allergies! 6 out of 7 of our bars are completely nut-free and all our bars, baking mixes and superfoods are dairy-free and gluten-free! We even get the batches tested to ensure there is no cross-contamination and that our customers can safely enjoy our goodies! Same goes for restaurants- look around for an allergy-friendly restaurant that will easily cater to your needs and enjoy the food there! 🙂
  4. Read labels–  loads of products don’t have proper allergen labelling on them so even though a snack, sauce or yogurt may not have massive writing on it saying CONTAINS ALLERGENS… turn the product around and read the label! It is a simple step we’re sure most of you who suffer with allergies do anyways, but sometimes when you’re in a hurry you may forget to check! So read the label and if in doubt- give the company a phone call! Nothing is worth getting a reaction for!
  5. Be prepared! Julianne always carries her epi-pen, antibacterial gel and tissues with her in case she does have a reaction. She also always has some fresh, cold water with her as that helps to bring the allergy reaction down. Although we hope all of you allergy sufferers out there will be able to be prepared in advance and prevent allergic reactions, make sure you are prepared for the worst! Let your friends or colleagues know where your epi-pen is in case you need them to help you and always have it with you!


To read a bit more about World Allergy Awareness Week and some stories of people who suffer from allergies- have a read of this METRO piece featuring Julianne!


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