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Tough times bring out the best in people, and we’re doing what we can to help!

The arrival of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has brought with it many problems, including shortage of certain foods in our supermarkets, due to panic buying.  In turn this can mean some food banks, who are the main lifeline for many families and the elderly, find themselves in a situation where they are not getting some of the foods that are regularly needed.


In the following weeks as more people are finding themselves out of work, and harder to make ends meet, the Trussell Trust, which run the largest number of food banks in the UK are worried their users numbers will increase dramatically.


Another issue is a high percentage of the volunteers who run them are over 65 years of age, the very same people who are at a bigger risk of contracting the virus.


We believe everyone can play their part. Look around your community, see where the gaps are and do pick up the phone and ask what help is needed. Don’t assume.


What are we doing?


We have decided to donate as many of our ambient snacks as we could (nearly 600 items!) to our local food bank: Walton and Hersham Food Bank.


‘Ambient’ in this case means, the food, which isn’t required to be refrigerated.  All of our baking mixes, Gnawbles and protein bars do not need to be kept in a fridge so are perfect as extras to be put in a food bag as a treat and a snack.


Also they are so important for those people in need who have allergies or food intolerance. Many will feel very embarrassed asking for help and then following that up with “oh by the way I need everything to be nut/diary/gluten/wheat free?” and will accept just what they are given.


How can you help?


Due to the problem of people stock piling food and the selfish buying patterns over the last few weeks, some food banks are very low on staple foods such as:




Tinned gruits and vegetables

Longlife milk

Longlife fruit juices

Instant packets of noodles

Tinned meat

Meat pies

Powdered milk

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