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Try out Will’s Favourite Creative Nature Smoothie

We all need a bit of inspiration from time to time when it comes to new smoothie recipes, right? 🙂

With the endless possibilities using our amazing Superfood range, we can all get creative and make something new every time we make smoothies! Whether you like cacao-based smoothies to treat yourself with a healthy version of a chocolate smoothie or if it’s a berry-filled, antioxidant-rich one… the combinations are limitless!

Our brand ambassador, Will Brown is definitely a smoothie fan and he has his very own favourite Creative Nature smoothie he wanted to share with all our readers! He loves adding some shelled hemp seeds to his smoothie as they not only add a lovely little nutty flavour and a chunky texture, but also boost the nutritional content of the smoothie by increasing the healthy fats and protein!

He shared the recipe in a video with our Registered Associate Nutritionist- Paula and you can watch it below! 🙂 Make sure to see how they get on with making it in the Creative Nature Kitchen and what Paula thought of it! 🙂 Also remember to follow Will on his Instagram here and subscribe to our YouTube channel whilst you’re watching the video! 🙂

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