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If you didn’t know… January isn’t just a time to set new year’s resolutions such as eating healthier and exercising more, but a lot of people are taking on the Veganuary challenge!

What is it you ask? Well, Veganuary is a campaign which encourages people to follow the vegan diet for an entire month- cutting out meat, dairy and other animal- based products.

If you’ve always thought about trying out the vegan diet or have wanted to transition into a plant-based lifestyle, then this is definitely the time! The campaign promotes more restaurants and cafes to cater to customers with dietary needs that are looking for something that is plant-based. Last year, tons of restaurants came out with vegan options making it a lot easier for those taking part!

The Veganuary website has a lot of useful resources including a starter kit to get you on your way, a selection of recipes and a list of vegan-friendly restaurants- it is definitely worth looking around if you ware taking on the challenge. In the office, we are giving it a go as well, so we are definitely making use of their tips and tricks 🙂

At Creative Nature we also have products that are safe for those following the vegan diet. From our selection of snack bars, to superfoods and a range of Top 14 Allergen-Free baking mixes, we have you covered this Veganuary! If you’re on the look-out for vegan options, and want something that is great to enjoy on-the-go or just simply delicious, make sure to check our our selection by browsing our site!


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