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Free shipping on UK orders over £20!

We Held Our Very First Vegan and Allergy Friendly Supper Club!

Posted on: Mar 19, 2019

Hi everyone!

You may have seen all across our social media, that at the end of February, we held our very first Vegan and Allergy Friendly Creative Nature Supper Club!

We have had a few successful events already- our summer and our Christmas bake-offs, but we wanted to try something a bit different and intimate. With the importance of allergies and our passion to cater for all possible customers, we decided to run a supper club at the Tell Your Friends restaurant in London.

The evening consisted of a networking event, 3 delicious vegan and allergy-friendly dishes featuring our range of products and a discussion panel with Julianne Ponan (Founder of Creative Nature), Zahara Chowdhury (Founder of Zen Revision) and Rushina Shah (Founder of Not Corn) talking all about being women leaders, entrepreneurs and woman empowerment.

We created a special little video for you to watch if you want to see how the event went, so make sure to view it below!

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