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What Are Your Plans For Father’s Day (20th June)?

This week, we’re looking forward to Father’s Day which falls this year on Sunday 20th June.


Our celebrations are thought to originate in the US, but there are suggestions that the day originated from pagan sun worship, where some branches of paganism see the Sun as the father of the universe. There is another coincidental link, in that the Summer Solstice occurs around the same time – June 21st. Or is it coincidental?…

Similarly, to Mother’s Day where mums are commemorated, Father’s Day is a time to celebrate and honour fatherhood and father figures, such as grandfathers, step fathers and fathers-in-law.   The first day was celebrated in modern times in June 1910 in the USA, when a lady called Sonora Smart Dodd, being inspired by Mother’s Day decided to celebrate fathers too. The date always changes each year, because it is held on the third Sunday in June.

Father’s Day has become more popular in the UK since the Second World War – a poignant time when the loss of so many men, made it a ‘moment’ to pause and take stock as so much of Europe recovered from the trauma of a conflict which cost millions of lives.

Most families celebrate with a traditional Sunday lunch and this June, hopefully, it should be possible for families to meet up and celebrate the day together, rather than with the restrictions that were in place last year. With that in mind, here are a few things you could consider for this year’s ‘moment for Dads’.


Five Things to do for Dad on Father’s Day


  •         Let him sleep in and take him breakfast in bed. Why not make him pancakes or waffles with his favourite topping.


  •         Let him choose the dinner menu, or take him to his favourite pub or restaurant – but don’t forget to book quickly. With Covid19 restrictions, being last minute will not go well!
  •         Make him a personalised card. A home-made card is always very special, because it’s all about the effort that’s gone into the creating
  • Bake him his favourite cake or cookies or have fun and teach him how to bake


  •         Do the things he likes doing – even if the rest of you don’t!


How to pamper your dad, or father-in-law who has severe allergies:


This may stress you out, because you want to make sure that like all family celebrations, your dad or father-figure can enjoy his day without worrying about allergies.  With care, the day can run smoothly.

  •         If you choose to go out to the pub or a restaurant, make sure you choose somewhere that caters for people with allergies. Phone them beforehand and explain the allergies, and discuss with them what dishes they have on their menu that are suitable and free from the 14 top allergens. This is more important than ever as some outlets are being ‘less allergy friendly’ than before. They are using reduced staff and reduced menu as a reason for this.
  •         If you are cooking at home for your special father figure, then make sure you check all ingredient labels carefully.  In fact an allergy free meal for all has to be the safest option.

  •         When buying presents, particularly food presents, again check the ingredient labels. Just because it says ‘free from’ doesn’t mean a product is free from the top 14 allergens so do your research. When in doubt, leave it out.
  •         Safe presents might be a photo frame, with a photo of your and him; a mug or a handmade gift, made by you, which is particularly personal.


Stick with us!


The perfect presents for any Dad, and a must for Dads with allergies are a selection of Creative Nature,  Gnawbles, or either our Protein Bars, or Raw Fruit Oaties- the latter two being excellent snacks if he loves running or walking. All of our products are top 14 allergen-free, wheat free, dairy free, gluten free. They are delicious and safe – without doubt.


Teaching Dad how to bake can be great fun for children, be they grandchildren, teenagers or grown adults.  Baking can be a very relaxing and calming thing, and if your dad has a busy work-life, a good way for him to wind down. Plus, working alongside him, gives you the opportunity to spend quality time together, and work, dividing the tasks, supporting each other and motivating you to finish the baking so you can enjoy sharing the labour of your love afterwards.

Our baking mixes are the perfect thing to start with if you haven’t baked before. Even if Dad doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and actually bake, he can help by chopping fruit, or washing up utensils as you go, or helping decorate the finished baked product.


Have a wonderful Father’s Day celebration, free of restrictions! And we have a special offer for you too use the code FATHERS-5 – £5 off on orders over £25 for fathers day  during 11th – 20th June.




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