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What is Spirulina used for?

Spirulina bowl

Spirulina Pacifica is one of our superfood products. You may not have even heard of it –  yet it’s growing in popularity. It’s been in our range for a very long time.

What is Spirulina Pacifica?

It is one of the most vibrant superfoods; a blue-green algae that is naturally dried and ground up to produce a healthy and nutritious powder that is popular with many food and health lovers. There are many different strains/types of spirulina, but Spirulina Pacifica is widely regarded as the ‘best’ in the world, offering the most health benefits with lowest harmful heavy metal content.

A nutrient rich boost, gluten, dairy and nut free, it is one of the world’s most nutritious superfoods. Our Spirulina benefits from being high in vitamins K1, K2, A as well as iron, magnesium and a range of antioxidants – it is reported to improve immunity, higher energy levels and support cell health as well as many other benefits.

Here at Creative Nature we source our premium quality Spirulina from Hawaii and California, which has higher beta-carotene and superior enzyme levels than organic or other country’s varieties.

How to take Spirulina Pacifica:

The dark blue/green powder can be used to boost the nutritional value of smoothies, juices, shakes and even some raw vegan desserts.

Eaten directly, it can taste a little like seaweed, but in smoothies or desserts, the flavour disappears in with the other ingredients.

Our Spirulina powder is perfect to be incorporated into your healthy morning routine.

Smoothie Bowl
Spirulina Smoothie Bowl
Spirulina Pacifica
Spirulina Pacifica

Spirulina uses:

· Sprinkled over salad or used in salad dressings

· It can be added to green soups, however add the powder at the end of the cooking process, due to its heat-sensitive nutrients.

· With fruit juice or in smoothies and smoothie bowls

· As a face mask to boost your skin’s healthy appearance

Face mask Method:

1) Mix together 1tbsp of honey/agave syrup and 1tbsp spirulina powder until it forms a paste. ⁠

2) Use a facial brush (or your fingers) onto your face and neck. ⁠

3) Leave your mask on for 20 minutes and then rinse with warm water. ⁠

Check out our Creative Nature Pacifica and choose how you’ll use it.

Spirulina Soup
Spirulina Soup
Spirulina Face Mask
Spirulina Face Mask

· Add to vegan ice cream

· In raw home cooking such as spirulina-cacao truffles

· As a shot, with water (if you are brave enough)

· Mixed into yoghurt and topped with your favourite fruit, pancakes or Gnawbles – the variations are endless

· To colour foods blue, because unlike many food colourings which contain e-numbers and chemicals, Spirulina is completely natural. Perfect for a bright blue cake topping to catch the eye!

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