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World Photo Day (Creative Nature Edition)

This week it’s World Photo Day (August 19) and this is a day to inspire positive change across the world. Here at Creative Nature that really works for us! We are all about positive change when it comes to free-from food choices, understanding around allergies and anaphylaxis – and enjoyment of good, nutritious healthy foods. Clearly though, this particular day is all about connecting people and raising awareness through the use of photography. Founded in 2009 by Australia photographer Korske Ara, the 19th was chosen as it is also World Humanitarian Day.When it began, just 250 people participated in 2010. It now reaches a global audience of 500 million. Participants can share their photos and raise awareness of issues that are important to them and their communities. So read on to see what is particularly important to the Creative Nature team. Do we value photos enough?
We are now taking photos and recording our memories, and life moments every single day, sometimes multiple times a day. In 2017, we took 1.2 trillion photos, and of those pictures 85% were taken on smartphones. That number has obviously grown exponentially since then. But do we do anything with the photos we take on our phones? We have become an ‘instant’ society, and if we’re not careful the importance of photos will be lost. We know they are on our phone or hidden in our tech, or on a hard drive somewhere or in the Cloud but do we look at them and value those memories? How many of you have family photos that you look back at to remember your childhood, or different events throughout your life? Do you have framed images around your home which speak to memories and moments? We’re sure many of you have old photographs of family members who were alive way before you were even born, which are often fascinating and give you an insight into their lives. You are able to capture a glimpse of your ancestor’s times. Do you display those images, or are they hidden in a drawer somewhere collecting dust and degrading?What are photos for, it not capturing a moment in time, to remember for years to come?If we don’t save photos, then our ancestors won’t have photos to reference important memories of our time.

Therefore, rather than save photos on your computer, or mobile, both which can easily crash, how about think about printing them in books or even uploading them to online software where you can put them truly out there? You never know which long lost distant relative might get in touch. An example might be https://www.ancestry.co.ukThese days there is a huge range of companies online where you can produce photobooks, populate family trees and almost create a more living history with your images.


Creative Nature’s memories: 


Creative Nature’s team have chosen photos that mean something special to them and to the business. We thought we’d share them to you and why they are important. Can you do this with your team?



“This is one of my favourites, seeing the Gnawbles displayed in John Lewis for the first time.  We had worked incredibly hard on the Gnawbles journey, developing the flavours, right amount of crunch, getting the perfect chocolate ratio and the taste. Then we managed to produce the packaging in quite a short space of time. It felt so rewarding and very cool to see them on the shelves.”







“These are a few of the moments I cherish and always look forward to, whilst working at Creative Nature. Though it’s the busiest time of the year, we are all happy and cheerful when it comes to decorating the Christmas Tree. Apart from all the team outings, this yearly ritual will be remembered by me wherever I go.”





“This picture shows the fun side of work, getting to network with people at awards events and let loose a little! Yes, I am a unicorn. Julianne and I often work 70-hour weeks, so getting a chance to unwind like this is really important for our mental wellbeing, yet technically we’re STILL working as we secure new deals at the events, so we never actually switch off!”








’This picture was taken just after I won my very first award at Creative Nature back in 2018:  ‘Apprentice of the Year.’ I did a very embarrassing speech that I was not prepared for in the slightest! I think I was a little shocked, which you can probably tell by the picture!’’







“Interning at Creative Nature has been the best part of my summer 2020.  I have learnt so much and feel so honoured to be contributing to the hard work that goes on behind the face of the brand. Not many interns can wholeheartedly claim that they loved their internship, but I can. I feel so lucky to be working with an extremely friendly, welcoming and talented team of whom are a joy to work with. I was fortunate enough to have been involved with the Pancake and Carrot Mix launch with the Creative Nature team – this is what’s being highlighted in the picture placed above!”








“Although I’m a freelance member of the Creative Nature team, this image makes me very proud as it speaks to the day that this young team won the title of the UK Small Business of the Year (FSB). To work with this team is a privilege and an honour and to be recognised by the most successful and prestigious organisation representing the SME sector in the UK was a highlight.”





“This was one of my proudest moments at Creative Nature. Creating and running this Creative Nature platform has opened up so many amazing opportunities for me, and one of these was opening the London Stock Exchange, a dream I’ve always had.”

Why not share with us some of your favourite images of the things you are passionate about on World Photo Day? Please tag us using @creativenature @gnawbles






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