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Your Picnic Must-Haves!

When the weather is amazing and the sun is shining… there is nothing better than a British picnic! Here are some picnic essentials that you’ve got to have with you on the day!

Blankets Don’t risk getting yourself dirty on the grass in case it’s misty or if you’re wearing some light clothing and bring blankets to set your picnic up. If it gets cool after a few hours of fun in the sun, you’ll also be glad you brought extras to cuddle up in!

Basket– Bring your favourite snacks in an easy-to-carry, picturesque basket that you can set to the side and not worry about items falling out. It will be a life saver if you’re planning on staying in the sun for a while and digging into the food throughout the day!

Cool bag- There’s nothing more refreshing than a cold drink, when it’s boiling outside. Make sure to bring your cool bag with a few cold packs in it to ensure your drinks, fruit or even ice lollies stay cold in the heat!

Sunscreen Ensure to stay safe in the sun and bring some sunscreen with you. With the lack of sunlight we normally get here in the UK, it’s vital to make sure you wear SPF when the sun is out to prevent yourself from getting burnt and ruining your day.

Healthy Snacks for all– There’s nothing worse than a selection of snacks that you’ll enjoy but someone else won’t be able to due to their dietary needs. Make sure to bring a selection of yummy snacks that are safe for anyone and cater to their needs. We’re partial to our Top 14 Allergen-Free Vegan baking mixes and range of snack bars as they’re always a party pleaser!

Outdoor games- Enjoy the outdoors with friends and family and spend some quality time off your phones. Bring some frisbies, a football, maybe even your badminton gear! Not only will it be some fun in the sun, but may even end up being a great active day outdoors.


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