Bitter Apricot Kernels


Natural Body Scrub Ingredient

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We source our Bitter Apricot Kernels direct from the Pakistan region of the Himalayas where we believe the highest quality apricot kernels are produced.

Once sold as a food product suitable for human consumption, we are now selling our Bitter Apricot Kernels for cosmetic use only. This is because our apricot kernels contain 150mg/kg amygdalin and the FSA has set a maximum level of 20mg/kg for all apricot kernels sold for human consumption. This is part of EC regulation 2017/1237

This means, to remain compliant with the FSA and keep our customers health and wellbeing as the driving force behind Creative Nature, we can only sell our Bitter Apricot Kernels as a cosmetic product that is widely used in body scrubs, facial scrubs and as a beauty exfoliation ingredient.


Customer notice – Our 1kg products are all in grip seal bags. We are also doing a soft launch of phasing in our new packaging, as we want to keep wastage to a minimum and help the environment. You may receive new packaging or old packaging but rest assured the product inside is all the same.

Please remember, this is a cosmetic ingredient used in body scrubs, not sold as a food.

Ingredients: 100% Bitter Apricot Kernels, and that’s all!

How to Enjoy

  • Not suitable for human consumption
  • Grind up in a pestle and mortar and use in body or facial scrubs to help exfoliate the skin.
  • Mix the ground kernels with raw honey to reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin
  • Mix the ground kernels with Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt (fine), lavender oil and your favourite massage oil for a rejuvenating scrub


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