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We strive to be ‘green’ at Creative Nature  

Posted on: Nov 5, 2019

This week was meant to be Green GB Week. A government initiative to encourage businesses and industry to embrace greener practices. It’s something we support. We are happy to put up a little green flag to say ‘here, here, here’.

However it’s now been delayed until early 2020 because it’s deemed we need to focus on Brexit. While this is a big issue – and a big issue for business – isn’t the environment a bigger one with the potential for much greater and much more global and catastrophic impact? We think so.

Others do too it seems. Look at the traction of Extinction Rebellion and the people who are now being far more strident about a climate crisis. The voices are getting louder, the pressure is building. This is no longer the realm of a few ‘hippies’ climbing trees and pitching tents where-ever there’s a controversial project. This is a mass movement.

Climate change is such an overwhelming problem, it’s easy to stick your head in the sand and say ‘there’s no point, my contribution is so tiny it will make no difference’. We don’t believe that. We believe if everyone made some efforts to be greener, it will make a difference. Most change starts that way.

We strongly believe at Creative Nature in being as ‘green’ as we possibly can – and it’s not always easy. Making a ‘greener’ choice in business can also mean ‘making an expensive choice’ and yet we’ve chosen to make it.

Our green efforts are led by our operations manager Matt Ford. He believes our products are all natural so if we destroy our environment we destroy our products and our business – maybe even our lives.

We have to be as environmentally friendly as we can to safeguard our own business. These policies can save us money by reusing as much ‘stuff’ as we can. We’ve also found our customers support us in these decisions because they understand our business ethos.

Here are five ways we try as a brand to be green:

1.      New packaging for new products – Gnawbles – this is PET1 (polyethylene terephthalate) and is recyclable. Our key aim is to be allergen free so in choosing packaging we have to think about that and ensure that no contamination can occur. We’ve now got there with this packaging.

2.      We receive items via sea freight where possible which means we really have to plan lead times for goods to arrive and it works out more expensive in terms of money, however more environmentally friendly for the planet.

3.      Our office is powered by Ecotricity to help us have a lower carbon footprint.

4.      We recycle our boxes and pallets over and over again – regular clients know they may get an older box and we’ve had no complaints as we fully explain why we send out these boxes.

5.      In 2019 we underwent a re-brand however we will keep on using our old branding and boxes until they are unusable- we don’t just get rid of stock because that could end up in landfill. The rebrand will become gradually recognisable, it won’t all change overnight for environmental reasons.

If you become a customer you will see our green strategy in action. To find out more about us and our brand visit

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